Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Hexie Handbag Kit - Part Two

As promised here is PART TWO of the picture lead
instructions for making my Hexie Handbag Kit.
So you can keep everything you need to make your hexagons ready for stitching.
For part one click here

 In part one you made 22 hexagons.
Here is a link to the video how to stitch hexagons by Foltvilag 
One two, one two,
(This is also where I got my plastic templates from.)

You can see 21 in the pic below
The 22nd one goes inside the bag (see pic at top of page)
I made
Six blue, six orange, eight brown and two blue
And stitched them together
First in lines
And then I stitched the lines together.
 You stitch the hexagons and lines together using an over stitch
I've used a contrasting thread here for you to see what I'm doing.
You should use a co-ordinating thread as you want your stitches to blend in.
(Tip - if using papers try not to catch your stitches in them 
as it will be more difficult to remove the papers later.)

take your papers or plastic templates out of your work.
Cut tips of both long edges to give you a straight edge
and also cut along bottom edge to straighten that too.
leave hexagon 21 in place at the top as this will create a flap.


Place your hexagon top onto a piece of wadding that is bigger all around than said top.

 cut the excess wadding from your hexagon top.

 place your top and wadding onto your backing fabric
(which should be approx.  2" bigger than your top.)

 stitch as desired. I've machine stitched along each edge of
the middle row of hexagons.

Now - breathe
Take a well earned break. 

Yours in Stitches, Joy

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