Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Spotlight Wednesday–R & R

Hello there my Quilty Friends. Todays spotlight is on R & R – Rest & Relaxation.

My D.H. has the next two weeks off work – we are both in need of a little R&R.

Some time to ‘just be’.  To empty our heads and relax the body.

You may have noticed that I have already started to empty my head – in Monday’s post I upgraded Deborah O’Hare’s Bird House project into a Tree House Project.

Sometimes my brain gets too full and information starts falling out of my ears and I talk a little jiberish, or Joyspeak as my friend calls it. This also happens when I get overtired or overexcited.

I am also directionally challenged – I can quite happily tell you to turn left while pointing right. There is a story about that when driving with my Sister in law. She said “turn left”, and as I started turning right she added  “no, the  other left”.  And I know which hand is my left hand (I’m left handed remember) so that’s my most important hand. But there seems to be no connection between my left hand and my brain.

Sew, l’m looking forward to my break. I’ve told my hubby I’m not going to sew – but already I’m having withdrawal symptoms  - a kind of itching of the fingers just thinking about no stitching.

Anyways, I’m not planning on posting but don’t hold me to that either. I will be on-line now and again, and I may feel an urgent need to share something with you all during the next fortnight.
I know it’s not Friday but as I’m clocking off today I’d like to leave you with a little light music.

Jack Johnson - Constellations - very relaxing - just click on the Pink Link

And I’ll be back soon all Rested and Relaxed and full of Inspiration
Yours in Stitches, Joy

Monday, 10 June 2013

Monday Group–All quiet on the Western Front

We had a very quiet day in class today. I must admit I was quite happy about that, as I’m feeling rather lazy after my hectic week last week and the lovely hot weather we are enjoying at the moment.

A few of us were finishing off the Treehouse wall hanging we did in Deborah O’hare’s work  shop last Friday.
The one on the left is mine, a work in progress.
 And the one on the right is Deb’s original Treehouse. (b.t.w. the two little fingertips you can see holding Deb’s quilt are Gaynor’s).

I didn’t mention on Friday that not only is it Deborah’s design and workshop – but, and here’s the bit us Monday ladies really love, all the fabrics are hand painted by Deb herself.

A number of us have a  stash of Deb O'Hare's beautiful hand painted fabrics.
It’s well worth taking a look at Deb’s blog
and Etsy shop, to see her fabulous work.

Another reason I think it was quiet today is that lots of us have now finished or are coming near to finishing their log cabin quilts. So, I suppose it’s time to start planning our next project.
Any suggestions my Quilty Friends?

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Yours in Stitches, Joy

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Kickback Friday - Beach Babes & Buttons..

This week has been a busy week for me    –  Monday Group where we played with the Marbling4fun kit we bought in Malvern last month.
Then off for a quick swim and sauna.

Tuesday we had a sit and sew morning. Nice and easy does it.
Just a few hand stitches stitched in between tea, biscuits and laughter.

Wednesday was to be swimming but got cancelled so I took myself off to Aberavon Beach with my cameras and my folding bike.
This is the lovely path and cycle track which runs all along the sea front – On a glorious summers day - Bliss.

Thursday we went to a fund raising day for The Quilters Guild of the British Isles Museum, where a goodly sum was raised towards funds.
I did my bit and bought not once, not twice, but three times from Wendy & Eileen who had some wonderful goodies to tempt us with.
Wendy had made this rather nifty Beach Bag using a hessian bag and adding the voluptuous beach babes and fabulous fish lining.
And as I’m soon to be away on my holls, and I felt I had to help the fund raising, it is now My very own Beach Babes Beach/Pool Bag.
I also got carried away with the beautiful buttons Wendy was selling, and after my third visit to her table my button collection for the day was complete.
I must confess these are just a selection of the buttons I took home with me. 

And today, Friday,
we have a workshop with Deborah O’Hare
where we will be making her beautiful blue
Bird House.

But more on that next week.

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And I leave you today honour of my upcoming vacation and my brand new Beach Babe Bag

Beach Baby a classic from good old 1974.
Enjoy, and
As always
Yours in Stitches, Joy

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Spotlight Wednesday - Thread ends

Hello my Quilty Friends, today we are looking at thread ends.

You know the threads at the beginning and end of your work.
What to do with them.
Do you simply cut
Bury them?
What about fabric glue?

Today I've posted a video to talk you through how I deal with my thread ends.
I know this seems a simple thing - but things are only simple when you know how to do them.
Sew - weather you want to know how to deal with your thread ends, or are simply curious how I do mine.
It's only a two minute video, so take a peek.

Yours in Stitches, Joy

Monday, 3 June 2013

Monday Group - Marbling

Today we had a complete change in class and played with the Marbling Kit we bought in the Quilt Show in Malvern last month.
We used a pipett to drop in our  paints, and a cocktail stick and a makeshift ‘afro’ comb made out of cocktail sticks and selotape to ‘marble’ the paints.
Here are some of the finished pieces.
I then took them home to line dry them.
Look – blue skies – summer has hit Port Talbot.

We had a wonderful morning with comments such as:

I wouldn't think of doing this at home. But I've enjoyed playing with the paints here. (All set up and ready for them).
Can we do this again please?
Can we paint on shells next time?

The swirling the paints with the cocktail stitcks was by far their favourite part - seeing what patterns emerged from the paints.

So it looks like we will have to go to the beach to find some shells then!

Above is a video of Chris 'having a go' this morning.

01 10