Monday, 10 November 2014

Christmas Star

This year I give you my Christmas Star Tree ornament

And another....

You can easily make one of these yourself.
Using two star templates - one large, one small.

With just these simple ingredients.....
Lets get stitching!

Cut two pieces of fabric (one piece will be your star front, the other will be the back of the star) roughly about half an inch larger than your large star shape.
Draw around the large star shape on one of the fabric pieces

On a contrasting piece of fabric
Draw around the small star template 
(I've used cookie cutters - and as you can see I'm making lots of Christmas Star ornaments)

Cut out small star and place onto centre of your drawn star .

Stitch in place using a contrasting thread.
(note you are stitching onto the front fabric only at this point)

Place front onto back fabric
 and stitch around outer star.

Cut out your star

Attach a ribbon for hanging
 And there you have it
Your very own Christmas Star Tree Ornament
The cookie cutters I bought came in a set of three - you only need two, but having these three gives me options to make different sized stars.
The original was made in felt.
But they work just as well using cotton fabrics,
or woolen ones.
Below are stars I've made from,
felt, cotton, brushed cotton and wool fabrics.
Experiment and have fun making your own Christmas Stars.
A little test for you now.
I machine stitched one of the hearts
and it worked out well
see if you can spot which one is the
Machine Stitched one.

As there is no padding/stuffing these little beauties will fit nicely inside Christmas cards.
Making a special little gift for your close friends and family.

And of course you might like to see how to make last Christmas's Hand Stitched Hearts

Or even the Machine Stitched Hearts

Enough information for one post!
Yours in Stitches, Joy

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