Thursday, 28 November 2013

Michael Buble - from the Bottom of my Heart - Kickback Friday

Hi there my Quilty Friends,
Hope you all enjoyed making the Hand Stitched Hearts and the Machine Stitched Hearts we have been working on over the last couple of weeks.

I was stitching a few together today while listening to a Christmas CD and this track seemed very appropriate..It's not quite the version on the CD I was listening to - but it is indeed a rather sexy version of:

I want to wish you a Merry Christmas from the BOTTOM OF MY HEART - it just seemed perfect while I was Hand Stitching MY HEARTS

Now I know some of you think it's still to early for Christmas
I have been full of Christmas Spirit since the beginning of November
I rather suspect by the end of November I will be all Christmased out.
Just sit back relax and enjoy Michael Buble
And remember to click on the little square on the bottom right hand corner
of the video - once it starts playing - to view it full screen.

Yours in Stitches, Joy

Monday, 25 November 2013

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Hand Stitched Hearts and Birthday Wishes

Well my Quilty Friends, today I'm posting a Video Tutorial on how to make the Hand Stitched Hearts we made in class today for our Community Centre Christmas Tree.
 Doesn't it look lovely with a mixture of last weeks Machine Stitched and this weeks
Hand Stitched Hearts?

 And here are a couple of pics of the Monday Ladies busy hand stitching.
 I had made up lots of little kits for them - including a needle - I wasn't taking any excuses!
I couldn't make a kit each for you my readers.
I did the next best thing and made you your own video.
Hope you enjoy the video
I know lots of Monday Ladies today were rushing out
to buy some felt to make more of these simple but stunning little hearts.

And of course they are not just for Christmas.
Hearts can be hung any time of year.
If you stuff them a little more stiffly, they make lovely pin cushions too.
It's my birthday this week
And I'd like to thank the Monday Ladies for my lovely flowers and birthday cake they gave me today in class. 

Yours in Stitches, Joy

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Christmas Hearts Orniment - Free Tutorial - Monday Class

Hello there my Quilty Friends,
Love it or loath it (and I LOVE it) - 'tis the season to be jolly.....

Sew, we have kicked of this most wonderful time of the year with some machine stitched Christmas Hearts.

OK - they could be any time of year Hearts - but made up in Christmas fabrics they most definately are Christmas Hearts.

When I walked into 'Actual' Monday class this week, Christine (the caretaker) had just finished putting up the community centres Christmas Tree. And a little bird (Jean) had told her we were making Christmas Hearts this week. She knew because I had posted a sneak preview on Joyofquilting Facebook page.

Not being greedy, Christine asked for a mear 50 for the Christmas Tree!

Well, we made our Hearts in class and duly hung them on the tree - only 7 so far but lots more to come including the Hand Stitched Hearts we will be making next Monday.

But don't feel left out - I have made a video lesson for you.
Hope you like - and please let me know how you get on.

So far I've made a number of the individual hangings. One set of three - hanging together. 
And I'm working on a garland of them for my fireplace - pictures soooon.

Next week we will be making
Hand Stitched Hearts,
I remain yours in Stitches, Joy

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Christmas Hearts - Monday Group

Well my Quilty Friends it's been a funny week. In Monday Group I was rather quiet. I was so tired after my Sunday jaunt to Birmingham NEC to see the Hobbykraft Show. I could hardly keep my eyes open. But I had recovered enough by yesterday to start making samples for our next little project. Christmas Hearts - or My Heart Belongs to Christmas.
Over the next couple of weeks we will be making Hearts both in actual Monday class and here on the blog.
I've posted a pic with single samples. The two to the left are machine stitched and the one on the right is hand stitched. We'll be covering both methods and I'll also be making a Heart Hanging and a Christmas Heart Wreath.
Watch this space.....
P.S. I've also been trying to sort out some computer of which is the dreaded 'no reply blogger' AGAIN. I hope/think I've sorted it and you should now be able to make comments again.
Yours in Stitches, Joy

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

More Strippy's - Monday Group

We had a couple more book covers completed and brought into class this week.
These are Judith c and Eve's. And Eve made hers up following my Book cover video instructions Part 1
Part 2. I was delighted to hear that because it means my video instructions are followable!

We also had our once a month sit and sew morning this week (Tuesday).
And Karen brought in these lovely strippy quilts she has made as presents.

They are all lovely
but the black sashing and borders on this quilt
make it really 'pop'
And as Karen said making these strippies with larger pieces
means you can really showcase the fabric patterns.

You might remember we were making strippy quilts over the summer. But most of the ones we made were 'baby' sized. With small strips. So it was lovely to see Karens adult sized lap quilts with big bold strips.

Now we are in November I can mention Christmas. I'd love to see/hear about your Christmas projects.
And you can post any pictures you have on my Joyofquilting Face Book Page.
I'm also going to be looking for interesting Christmas Quilty ideas to post on my Facebook page over the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye on that. Better still, like my facebook page and you'll get to updates whenever I post something new.

Well, I'm off now to start my Quilty Christmas search,    

Yours in Stitches, Joy

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Ch ch ch Change no. 1 - Joyofstitching

Hello there my Quilty Friends.
I have been talking about ch ch ch changes here on Joyofquilt.
Well, this is change no 1.

Yours in Stitches, Joy
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