Monday, 30 September 2013

Log Cabin Hearts- Monday Class

Good morning my Quilty Friends.

There was much excitement in class this morning as we were organizing our Christmas Dinner...

This year we have extended our Christmas Dinner to last a whole day.

Jean has masterminded a trip to Cowbridge Town where we shall have time for tea/coffee and cake on arrival, Christmas shopping and then a wonderful lunch at The Bear - Bliss - I've already chosen what I want to eat - not that I'm excited or anything.
So you won't feel left out, I will post pictures of our day - obviously that won't be 'till December.

Today in class Joan brought in her logcabin hearts - so for those of you still working on your logcabins take heart - it's not a race - you just need to enjoy the journey.
 This is one heart block, which I believe is made up of four logcabin blocks.

This is one of the logcabin blocks
can you see it starts at the bottom left of the picture?

And these are the four heart blocks together.
Beautiful work Joan 

I have finished my strippy quilt and have backed it with a fleece. (I'll be posting a picture of it later in the week)
And backing my strippy with fleece gave me the idea to back one of my logcabin quilt tops with a fleece so it will be nice and cwtchy for the winter - watch this space for updates on progress.

I also took in the book cover we will be making soon.
I'll be posting a picture and a list of requirements soon for those of you who would like to join in with us on-line.

That's about it from me today,
Yours in Stitches, Joy

Thursday, 26 September 2013

ABC Applique Kickback Friday

I've been quiet I know.

My D.H. is on holidays this week and next week.
We are having a stay at home holiday
I have had time to stitch - just been having a break from 'tinternet.

I've been working on

'The Baby Quilt'

All the stitching on these is now finished.
If you want to see how I machine applique
to view
click on the pink links

The Strippy Quilt
I'm lovin the purple
Top is now finished ready for quilting.

And yesterday I started making samples for our next Monday Class Project.
More details on this one soooon.....

Music tonight - let's see -  Ah yes.
The was a programme on last night celebrating Max Boyce's 70th Birthday
So, tonight I give you Max Boyce with Hymns and Arias and a little bit of
Sospan Fach
Well that's all from me tonight folks,
Yours in Stitches, Joy

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Strip Quilts - Monday Group

Ideas for strip quilts are flowing in thick and fast in Monday Group.

Judith C is  working on a second lovely strippy in happy spring colours.

Judith D has gone for a  mini strip.... This is from the book
101  Fabulous Small Quilts - I think

And Jean is working on a cross between a log cabin and a strippy
aren't they simply stunning colours - and as you can see in the picture it's from a Kaffe Fassatt's book
Quilts en Provence. And being Jean, they are made up in silk fabrics.
Jean is working on her fourth block so has only another forty to make.

Well done ladies I'm proud of you all - keep up the good work. And thank you for allowing me to document your progress.

If you would like to see some other strippy ideas click on my Facebook page link here. 

I'm holding fire on my strippy for a minute. We are going to Doughty's road show in Cowbridge tomorrow and I want to lay my strips up against a few different fabrics before I decide on the sashing/borders.

Sew, for now, Yours in Stitches,

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Strips, Stitcheries, & Kickback Friday - Any Dream Will Do.

Well my Quilty Friends I've started on my Strip Quilt.
It's a brilliant way to use up the fabric left over from a finished project.

If you use fabrics left over from a project they will obviously go together so the added bonus is you don't have to worry about matching colours.
Also it could make a quick and easy matching accessory for said project.

Other than that. Pick a piece of fabric and choose fabric from the colours that are in it.

The striped fabric was my starting point.
The pink on the right didn't make it into the final cut!
I cut my strips 5" in length
between one and a quarter and two and a half inches in width
just to add some variety.
one and a quarter was a bit to thin 
I wouldn't go below one and a half inches in future.
You can cut your strips all the same width. 

I've been looking at strippy quilts on-line and the one above took my fancy.
It's by Cluck Cluck Sew  
If you click on the Pink Link above it will take you to her web-site, where you will find more pictures and a
Strip & Flip tutorial.  Well worth a look at.

And in a complete change of subject, here is a link to Lorna's blog, Sew Fresh Quilts and a lovely post she made about her mom's embroidered quilts from the 1960's. They are beautiful quilts and well worth taking a peak at.

And finally, music - do I feel tonight.

Well, Daisy's been a bit naughty today, nibbling at the wallpaper and while I was in the room too!
So I was thinking Puppy Love, but then I saw Any Dream Will Do from Joseph. Now there are a number of suspects for this particular song, but for me it has to be....good old Donny - well, he's a year younger than me actually.  But still, good old Donny Osmond.
Well, that's it from me and Daisy today,
Remember to click on the Pink Links
& Enjoy

Yours in Stitches, Joy

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Strippy Quilts - Monday Class & Spotlight Wednesday!!!

Well my Quilting Friends we hit September running this Monday. We were quite a full class. With every one eager to get stitching.
As I told you all last week we are kicking of with a stripping quilt - just noticed the error there but thought I'd leave it in for you to enjoy. That sentence should have read.
As I told you all last week we are kicking of with a strippy quilt. I'm not quite sure what a stripping quilt would be used for but images of  it replacing the fans in a fan dance jump straight into my head. Any other sugesstions my Quilty Friends?
Anyway, before we get started on that, that I want to show you some finished log cabins.

This beautiful logcabin quilt is the work of Joan.
Joan has made this quilt for her Grandson Harvey.

 And the wonky logcabin quilt above and below belong's to our Win.
She brought it along to class to layer it up on our big tables.

Above is Judith C's logcabin quilt
This picture really doesn't do it justice by the way.
And below is a close up of one of the blocks showing
one of the ties. As Judith tied this quilt.
This is making me feel a little guilty as I've yet to finish off my logcabins.

Above is Daisy 'helping' me while I'm cutting out the strips for my
Strippy Quilt.
She is growing so fast and she can reach up onto the table now
and anything within her reach gets removed for further investigation!
More on the Strippy Quilt soon.....

Yours in Stitches, Joy

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