Saturday, 12 April 2014

Hexie Handbag Kit - Part One

Hi there my Quilty Friends,
I had promised to get the instructions for making my Hexie Handbag Kit uploaded by Friday (yesterday).
But it's proving a far bigger task than I had anticipated.
Here are the first few instructions just to get you eager beavers started....

You will need enough fabric to make the 22 hexagons

One larger piece for the lining aprox. 15"x7" (38cm18cm)
One piece of wadding aprox. same as lining.
Piece of felt aprox. 3"x5" (9cm.x14cm.)
and some trim and a button.
Above is a picture of the kit opened out
with the contents displayed by the side.

You are going to need to make 22 Hexagons.
You can chose any combination of fabrics you fancy.

I have chosen to use four different fabrics.
Mine are from the range of fabrics the British V & A (Victoria & Albert Museum) brought out to celebrate the Quilting Exhibition they held a few years ago.

Out of the middle fabric I made 8 hexagons.
I made 6 hexagons out of the fabrics either side (the blue and the pink).
And 2 hexagons out of the fourth fabric.  
(Only one can be seen in the above picture - the other is used inside the kit - see pic at top of page).

As you can see from the picture
I've stitched 6  hexagons of each of the three fabrics together in a line.
I stitched the two remaining hexagons from the middle fabric (remember we made 8 of those) to one end of the of each of the outer two strips.
One of the two hexagons we made from the fourth fabric onto the opposite end of the middle line of hexies.
It looks much simpler in the picture than my instructions sound - so follow the picture.

I feel I'm much better than this at explaining things usually.
This week my brain is feeling rather confused - and I seem unable to think clearly/logically!
The finished size of my kit closed up is
Four and a half inch wide by three and three quarter high.
12cm x 10cm

I used one inch hexagons
that's 2.5cm (along short edge)

I wouldn't advise going any smaller but bigger should be no problem.
In fact you should use whatever size hexagon you intend storing in the kit to make it.
Hope that's enough to get you started.
I'm off now to lay down in a darkened room to rest my confused brain!

Yours in Stitches, Joy


Ros said...

Well done, it looks great!

Joy Morgan said...

Thank you Ros. I can I say I'm very impressed with your Giant version!

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