We hello there my Quilty friends. I guess your on this page because you want to know a little more about me.
Always a scary bit this - I think.  It makes me feel rather vunerable. All the rest of my blog is easy by comparison - I'm just imparting knowledge and doing what I love. Which is encouraging others to either start patchwork and quilting or to expand their patchwork and quilting skills. In class and when I'm out and about I'm usually talking to people about stitching - not myself. 
As you can see this isn't coming easily to me. I know what I am doing here - I am procrastinating, putting it off.  Ok deep breathe, here we go.....    

Firstly a very quick  version if you just want the basics:
My name is Joy, hence Joyofquilting. Married Two Adult Children, sewn all my life been Patchwork, Applique, Quilting for last 16 years. I co-run Port Talbot Quilters Monday Group
Belong to Swansea Quilters and The Quilters Guild. 

Full version. My name is Joy, Joy Morgan in fact. So the name of my blog, Joyofquilting is a no brainer.
I'm 58.
I'm the third of four children.
I was brought up in a time when almost everyone seemed to sew, knit, read etc.
My mother made most of my clothes up until I was about ten or eleven - and usually without a pattern! We had a Singer Tredle Sewing machine. And I don't remember ever being told not to touch it. And so I don't remember learning how to use it - as far as I can remember I have always used a sewing machine.
 Took my double wedding ring quilt and my autumn quilt down Aberavon beach today
they really enjoyed their day out!

I don't remember learning how to knit either - I must have been pretty young.
My gran taught me to crochet at about 13. A skill I still enjoy.

I should at this point mention I'm a lefty. So teaching me to knit and crochet was not an easy task. Indeed to this day my left handedness causes much fun and laughter when I attempt to teach rightys any hand stitching, or indeed rotary cutting. But it all just adds to the fun.

My love of photography comes from my father who was a keen amatuer photographer and had his own dark room.
You'll also notice I like to take lots of photos of the beach. Another throwback from my childhood.
My father was a keen beach fisherman, and we spend many a long summers day at the beach. My mother would make tomato and cucumber sandwiches which were always nice and soggy by the time we eat them - and sometimes we even got a few grains of sand mixed in. To this day soggy tomato sandwiches takes me straight back to lovely beach memories.

In this picture you can see the three cranes on the docks of Port Talbot Steel Works

Well time passed - I grew up, got married, had two children and we now have two teenage granddaughters. (both of whom I have taught to sew) of course as teenages they are too cool to sew with nanna anymore. But the skill is there - ready - and waiting 'till one day in the future when they get the urge (and they will) to stitch again. And one toddler grandson - just a tad to young for stitching yet.
My daughter has a wonderful eye for design and can quite naturally transfer an idea from her head into a drawing or cloth - a skill passed down from my mother I think.

Armish style quilt made in workshop with Jan Jefferson focus on colour note how each block has the same colours in, but each in a different order and how different each block looks.

About 16 years ago my sister introduced me to Patchwork and Quilting and I've been hooked eversince.

 These are moon gazing hares made in a workshop with Gail Lawther
I usually have a few projects on the go at any one time, including whatever we are working on in Monday class. I have attended various classes, read and own many, many P & Q related books.
I love the fact that there is always something new to learn in this wonderful quilty world.
My dream.....well this is part of my current dream, and who knows where it will take me.  

This is one of five little Welsh cushions I made as pressies last St. David's Day the picture is of my daughter and twin neices taken around 30 years ago - how time flies.

Yours in Stitches, Joy

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