Monday, 14 April 2014

Apologies and a grovel.......

How do you measure a hexagon?

In actual Monday class this morning some of you, well, two to be precise had followed my confused instructions posted here over the weekend for part one of my Hexie Handbag Kit.

The size of hexagons I used were 1" ( 2.5c.m.)                      and not One and threequarter inch (5c.m.)

I had measured the diameter of said hexagon when I should have measure one of the short sides - doh.

And as both Ros and Ruth can confirm one and threequarter inch hexagons are a tad on the large side for making my Hexie Handbag kit. OK, they are hugely too big.

Now Ruth had only made one hexagon so not too tragic there.
Ros, well Ros was busy making them in class this morning - I confess I saw her making them.
I even showed her a different way of stitching them.
But did I realise they were for the Hexie Handbag Kit and therefore far too big? - Short answer - no.
I let her carry on stitching.
So sorry Ros but I do think the lovely large hexagons you made this morning would make a wonderful hexie cushion. It's on page 67 of Quilting on the Go! Book.
Which brings me on nicely to the book Quilting on the Go! by Jessica Alexandrakis.
We bought a few Hexie books for class but this is my personal favourite.
It's modern, fun, very informative (note to self - it even shows you how to measure hexagons!) with lots of pictures and has some lovely little projects too.
I know a number of Actual Monday Class members have now bought this book for themselves.
Judith C. is making the tiny sewing kit out of her copy.

Here is Judith's work in progress

Which was lovely to see because it's quite a different technique to the way my Hexie Handbag Kit is made up.
It's so good to see different approaches to projects. And, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished Tiny Sewing Kit after Easter.

Well, I think that's enough of an appology and grovel from me for today.

I'm off to finish off writing up instructions for me Hexie Handbag Kit now.
Yours in Stitches, Joy

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