Sunday, 4 October 2015

Applique -Tumbling Blocks

Hello there my Quilty Friends. Today I'm going to share with you how I

 A. Join  e.p.p.'s together.

And B. How I hand stitch them to the background.
It's a 're-cap for those of you making the Lynne Edwards Sampler Quilt.

And for those of you making Gaynor' s Christmas Wall Hanging
here is a picture of the layout you asked for.

A short and sweet post but hopefully helpful,
Yours in Stitches, Joy

Friday, 25 September 2015

Holiday and Paper Piecing

Well my Quilty Friends I'm all rested and relaxed after my little holiday to Zante. 

I took some hand stitching with me to create some samples for the first block on our Lynne Edwards Sampler Quilt.

There is a little video recap below to remind you how I Paper Piece.

But first I'd like to share with you a couple of pics from my holls.

The computer decided the video must come first!

Rexaling by the pool

Down on the beach
Some stitching on the balcony
Just been for a swim in the sea

Off to read up what's next on the Sampler Quilt
Yours in Stitches, Joy

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Getting ready....

Ok my Quilty Friends - in 24th September we shall be starting our Thursday project.  The Lynne Edwards Sampler Quilt.

We are starting with the Tumbling Blocks block. 

On that day you will need three different fabrics for for the tumbling blocks (see example below).

You need enough of each fabric to cut six 3" squares.  That's 18 squares in total. 

The blocks do need a 17" sq of background fabric but don't worry too much about bringing that along - you won't get to that stage on the day.

You'll need hand stitching kit (needle, thread, scissors, pins) pencil and ruler.

 And a small amount (about A5's worth) of paper for the piecing, the front cover of a nice magazine works well. Don't fret - I will have spares with me.

I'll bring everything else.

Do you like my stripy sox?

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Ok my Quilty Friends I've been working out how many 17" squares you can get out of a piece of wadding ready for the Lynne Edwards Sampler Quilt we are just about to start making.

Many of you will know how wonderful I am with figures so I won't be offended if you feel the need to double check me.

So here goes.

Crib (60"x45") Six

Twin (72"x90") Twenty

Queen (90"x108") Thirty

King (120"x120") Forty nine - this number worries me!

Then by the metre

90" wide Ten

108" wide Twelve

120" wide Fourteen

How much wadding you need will depend on how big you want your quilt to be.
A lot of the quilts in the book have 20 blocks in. But REMEMBER you will also need wadding for the borders.

Friday, 4 September 2015

First Day Back

We had a lovely first day back yesterday at Joyofquilting Thursday Class.

There was much excitement about our next project - The Essential Sampler Quilt from the Lynne Edwards book. And it was great to see that lots if you already your copy of the book.

Thank you to Jean Pitman who came along and showed us her one and a half sampler quilts!
We are all fired up and ready to quilt now.

Monday, 24 August 2015

New Project

Ok my Quilty Friends.  I promised we would start a Sampler Quilt when  Thursday class starts back in September.
We'll be using blocks from The Essential Sampler Quilt book by Lynne Edwards

Currently the book is £14.99 on Amazon.

Of course there are many other places you can buy this book from.

Jean will be bringing along her Sampler Quilt on Thursday 3rd September to whet your appetites. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Mid Summer Stitching

Ok ladies, as there is no 'Actual' Thursday class over the summer holidays.
On Wednesday the 12th August I will be holding a Sit and Stitch Day.
It's from 10-4 and we will be having a Hope Lunch (asking everyone to bring a plate of food and 'Hope' there is enough).

The idea is that you bring along some sewing to get on with and we sit and stitch and chat.

I will be bringing along a couple of small projects I have been working on which you can make on the day if you want.

Either this unusual Cathederal Window Pin Cushion

For this you will need 
Eight Two and a half inch squares of plain(ish) fabric
And Eight Two and a half inch squares each a different fabric (see below)
One four and a half inch piece for the back
A Four and a half inch piece of wadding and a small amount of stuffing.
And a couple of buttons.
This beautiful little Secret Garden Box
To make this you will need
Six five and a half inch Squares
Six generous three inch squares
Six three inch squares of Wadding
For my virtual ladies I'll be posting some how too' s after the event.

Meanwhile, I've been enjoying some uplifting music the last few days - It's All About the Bass

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