Friday, 29 March 2013

Kickback Friday

It's been another busy week for me. I'm learning all the time about blogging and followers and networks and circles. Still finding it all a bit confusing. Just when I think I fully understand one thing another crops up. Never mind it's all good fun. But if any of you are having problems with anything on the blog. Please let me know. Because I might be blissfully unaware.

I'd love to see any logcabin blocks/quilts you may have started work on. You can post pictures now on my Joyofquilting facebook page. Click the link on the right hand side or even the red bit of writing here to take you to my facebook page.

It's Easter this weekend. I have given my hubby a hint of what egg I'd like and even where to buy it, so fingers crossed. Mind you it doesn't feel like Easter - it's still freezing here in Wales. And all the spring flowers are still hiding underground from the frost.

I have also picked up my wavy crocheting this week. I don't think I've touched it since before Christmas. I did one row last night, and it certainly keeps you warm while your crocheting.          

What do you think - do you like.
When it grows up it's going to be a blanket.
I was inspired to get this piece of crocheting back out when I saw Dorien's fabulous work on her blog. Click on this link to visit Dorien's blog  

And this is this link to Attic 24 where you will find the pattern for this wavy blanket
and see lots of fabulous crochet work

Well, I've finished my 24 half log cabin blocks and I've been playing around with the placement.

Not sure which one I will make up. Does anyone have any favorites?
Well that's about it from me for today. Have a wonderful Easter, hope you find lots of eggs. And I'll talk to you all again on Monday. With my 'factory or chain piecing' video.
Yours in stitches, Joy


Helen McNaught said...

Love your crochet Joy! one thing I never mastered, even though my mum was an expert. I could crochet single chain, so lots of Barbie Doll belts as I used to call them!! Gosh, I really must get a move on with making my log cabin blocks...... yours are beautiful! I especially like the one at the top, looks kind of like a square in a square. Love it! I know what you mean about it not feeling like Easter. Here we are still getting hot and horrible weather.... where's our Autumn???? we so need some cooler weather here, energy levels are zero in this heat!
Have a lovely Easter break.... hope you get that egg!!
Cheers from Helen

sophy said...

Love the crochet! Super colours.

As for log cabin, I like the first one best - makes the colours sing and I love how your eye follows the swirl. Hard to pick a favourite though...

Happy Easter from Houston!

Joy Morgan said...

Thank you both. I wanted to see what others thought. But I like the first one best too. I think with the colours I've used being so vibrant. The zig zag pattern is maybe too much. So first one it is then.
As for the crochet my mum could never master it but she wad an awesome knitter. I always preferred crochet - only ever one stitch to worry about.
And I really appreciate your input.

Joy Richardson said...

I too love the crochet Joy. My mother used to do crochet like that but I was never able to master it - wish I had asked her to make me a blanket like that - too late now.
Knitting is more enjoyable anyway and I can do that and watch TV at the same time.
I like the first version of your log cabin too. Will be eager to see it all finished - and anyone else's that they have made.

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