Friday, 1 March 2013

I know it's an 'oldie' but I just had to share this with you all. It's a cushion I made using an old photo of my daughter and her twin cousins taken on St. David's Day about 30 years ago.
St. David's day is on March 1st and St. David is the patron Saint of Wales. And on this day here in Wales, all the little girls dress up in National Welsh Costume and the boys tend to wear Welsh Rugby Shirts. The girls wear a daffodil which is our National Flower and is usually in bloom by 1st March. The boys wear a leak often in competition with each other over who has the largest leak! This picture was taken after they had been to school that day. You can just make out the yellow of the daffodil on my daughter (centre) but it looks like the twins daffs didn't survive school that day.

The cushion itself is made using fabrics that would be in a typical Welsh Costume. The paisley fabric was typically the shawl. The black and white check the apron and the red, or a red and black check the skirt.  This would make a wonderful 'upcycled' gift, using an outgrown Welsh costume to make the wearer a 'memory cushion'.

I'd like to thank Deb O'hare who issued the challenge a few years ago to make a Welsh Babe item. Mind you I wasn't too thankful at the time as I ended up making five of these cushion.  You know how it starts. I was going to make one. Then I though I'd make one each for my daughter and the twins - three not too bad.  Then I though, well, I'd like one, so four ok I can do that. Then guilt kicked in. If I was making one each for the girls and one for myself the only one left out was the twins mother (my sister) so the final number was five. But if the other four cushions are loved and get anywhere near the attention, ohhhs and ahhhs that mine gets it was well worth the effort.
Happy St. David's Day to you all!


Deborah OHare said...

It still makes me smile :)

Joy Morgan said...

Yes, it always makes me smile. Hard to believe that my Sarah is 36!!!! now.

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