Friday, 22 March 2013

Kickback Friday.

Ahhhh...and relax.  I just got back in after battling through wind and rain and roadworks to get home. The weather outside is horrendous. I think this has been the longest winter - certainly since my records began;).  One good think - it's perfect stitching weather.

Looking back over the last week I had a wonderful start. Last Saturday Ros, one of our 'actual group' members showed me a copy of April's British Patchwork & Quilting magazine. I was surprised and delighted to see that Ros had nominated me as their 'Threaducation Star of the Month'.  Thank you so much Ros, I am quite thrilled that you felt the need to publicly thank me. And for doing what I love. As an added bonus, both Ros and I should soon receive a box of Mettler sewing threads.

Monday I took a few pictures in class of some of our Logcabin Quilts
First we have Peggy's Barn Raising Logcabin Quilt top. I'll have to get a close up next week. Because this picture doesn't show up the beautiful purply/lavender silk Peggy has put in this quilt. It give her quilt a wonderful opulent feel.

 Then Joan's Wavy Log Cabin. I've put in the close-up picture to show you the quilting. Joan is in the middle of hand quilting her Wavy Log Cabin. And soon we will be looking at ideas for quilting your Logcabins. So I thought this would whett your appetite.
Then on Tuesday I went to a 'sit and sew' day. Where I started making more logcabin blocks.

Remember my wonky logcabin blocks? Well I have stitched them together to make a quilt top. And I have decided to use a second jelly roll to make another logcabin top. My plan is to have a double sided logcabin quilt. Pictures soon.

On Monday I will show you the last of our Logcabin blocks. A Half Logcabin block.  Meanwhile enjoy your weekend wherever you are. And for those of us in the U.K. best you batten down the hatches and quilt through the wind and rain.
Yours in Stitches, Joy  


Joy Richardson said...

Wonderful log cabin quilts - well done everybody. Quite inspiring.
Joy you mentioned your long winter - here in NZ we have had the longest dryest hottest summer in 70 years. Sure hope it happens over your way - once the snow has done with you but please dont send it our way! Our daytime temps are still in the mid-high 20's though mornings are coolish just like autumn should be. We desperately need rain though as the drought has devastated most of our farmland and farmers are already feeding their winter stocks of hay and silage to the animals.
Enjoy Spring when it arrives.
Joy in sunny NZ

Joy Morgan said...

Looks like opposite sides of the world are having opposite extreames of weather. Still just on minus in Wales - this time last yearwe were hittin 20. Nothing for it but to stay home and see.

Joy Morgan said...

Opps...stay home and sew

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