Monday, 19 May 2014

Paper pieced Tumbling Block

Continuing playing with English Paper Piecing
I give you
A basic Tumbling Block
Sew, starting with three 60 degree diamond shapes
in three different shades/patterns of green (choose any colour you like) 
Using the same technique as we did for the hexegons,
stitch the fabric over the papers.
Stitch two of the diamonds into a V shape

And to complete the tumbling block
Stitch the third diamond into the V 
This is the wrong way to place your diamond onto your fabric! 
We had great fun last Thursday. Everyone used the same template I had used,
and cut their fabrics the same size as mine.
One of the ladies (who shall remain nameless) I don't want to embarrass her
 though I was left red faced by this!!! 
So anyway, one nameless lady called me over as she had a problem. 
She had laid her template onto her fabric.
But the fabric piece was too short - there was not enough to fold over at the points of the template.
See pic above
Now I'd only made my tumbling block the day before - I couldn't understand what was wrong.
My measurements were right - the template was the right size!!!
I even began taking my sample piece apart to find out what was wrong.
Then, one of the newbies - Ann - pointed out the template was placed in the wrong direction on the fabric.
Phew - panic over.
Thank you Ann.
That's the way to do it!
I thought it was well worth sharing with you though.
Just so you don't do what we did, or if you do,
you'll remember this and know to change the direction of the diamond.  

 Peggy has organised her Hexagon 'squares' in have lovely compartmentalized box.
Ann has become addicted to stitching hexagons
and is quickly adding to her growing collection of
Grandmothers Flower Garden blocks. 

I think lots of  Paper Pieced cushions are going to be appearing soon.
Yours in Stitches, Joy

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