Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A One Hour Workshop

When I gave my Welsh Quilting talk to a local ladies group 'Positive Thinkers', they asked me to return to do a mini stitching workshop - Any project I though suitable.

Realizing the restrictions of having one hour to complete a workshop I decided to make an Applique Felt Heart Hanging.

You may remember the red and white felt ones we made last Christmas.

Anyway, these hearts are Aqua Blue

I wanted to make sure the ladies had the best chance of making these up within the hour,
  I've cut out, drawn out stitching lines and made up 30 kits

 Begged borrowed, bought and stolen about 70 needles.
Cut threads to length and threaded said 70 odd needles
(cutting thread and threading the needles would take valuable time out of their hour)
Cut out ribbons for hanging the Hearts
 Made up a number of example pieces
 At different stages
And rather ignored the dogs pleas to be taken out for a walk.

I think I am just about ready now
I usually teach small groups - 6-8 people
Wish me luck tonight with a room full. 
Hope the Positive Thinkers enjoy

Click below to see my Youtube Video on how to make these little Beauties

Yours in Stitches,
an exhausted Joy
p.s. Don't feel too sorry for Daisy (dog) I've just taken her for a quick walk before I leave.


Margaret Thorne said...

Thank you for a most enjoyable evening on your visit to Positive Thinking . I make felt heart every Christmas and sell them for charity . The turquoise heart I made under your instructions tonight will hang in my caravan . Well done .

Maggie Thorne

Joy Morgan said...

Thank you Maggie your comments are very much appreciated. I just wished I'd had more time to spend with you all. Joy

Deborah OHare said...

You will be great I have no doubt!!

01 10