Thursday, 26 September 2013

ABC Applique Kickback Friday

I've been quiet I know.

My D.H. is on holidays this week and next week.
We are having a stay at home holiday
I have had time to stitch - just been having a break from 'tinternet.

I've been working on

'The Baby Quilt'

All the stitching on these is now finished.
If you want to see how I machine applique
to view
click on the pink links

The Strippy Quilt
I'm lovin the purple
Top is now finished ready for quilting.

And yesterday I started making samples for our next Monday Class Project.
More details on this one soooon.....

Music tonight - let's see -  Ah yes.
The was a programme on last night celebrating Max Boyce's 70th Birthday
So, tonight I give you Max Boyce with Hymns and Arias and a little bit of
Sospan Fach
Well that's all from me tonight folks,
Yours in Stitches, Joy

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