Monday, 7 March 2016

Fidget Quilts

I hadn't heard of Fidget  Quilts until a few months ago.  And once I had I wanted to find out what they were. A Google search quickly educated me about them.
They are small lap sized quilts (about 20") with items such as buttons, zips, pockets etc securely stitched on for the recipient to fiddle with and so sooth restless hands.
Typically they are made for people with Alzheimers/dementia or any other condition where the user would be comforted by occupying restless fingers.

Coincidentally at around the same time a friend of mine asked if I knew anyone who made Fidget Quilts as she wanted one for her mum. Of course I jumped at the chance to make her one myself.

I then took it to my Quilting class to encourage others to make them.
They are lovely projects to make. They don't take too long and you get to be quite creative and playful. 
The three pictured are my original one and the first two that class members have made.

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