Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Quilters Knot

I'm often asked to show people how to do the Quilters knot.
It's an easy and quick knot to do.
I managed to confuse the quilter who tried to teach me this knot many years ago now.
The poor lady spent ages showing me how to make this knot, but every time I tried it my knot disappeared.  In the end we gave up.

When I got home I was telling my son about how I couldn't learn how to do the Quilters knot. I wondered if it had anything to do with me being left handed.
My son said show me how you do this knot.
So I duly demonstrated me not making a knot.
At this time my son was quite into magic.
And as he saw my knot fall off the end of my thread he said. 'Mam, your not making a Quilters Knot - your making a Magicians Knot'!
You must have all seen it when the magician ties a knot in a rope and then it magically disappears off the end.
We'll I can do that! Apparently it's something to do with slight of hand - I can't tell you how that's done, I'm sworn to secrecy; ) 

Anyway today I give you my little video on how to make a Quilters Knot.

Yours in Stitches,  Joy

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