Thursday, 2 August 2012

Swansea quilters exhibition

This week (1-4th August) Swansea Quilters have their exhibition in Mumbles. As a Swansea Quilter myself a few of my pieces are on display. So for this weeks Thursday Thread I am posting somr pics from the exhibition.
Elvis is a miniature group quilt I made with three friends. It's A4 sized.
The second pic is miniatures too. The gold/yellow coloured quilt is another A4 sized one of mine. It's freemotioned machine quilted with a Welsh quilt pattern. The one on the back wall is a slightly bigger quilt which was designed to celebrate the Queen's jubilee. The cushion I had hoped showed my Paula Doyle cushion - but just in case I've put a pic of my Paula Doyle cushion in.

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Deborah O'Hare said...

Wish I had the time to come along. Looks like a great show :)

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