Thursday, 30 August 2012

Festival of Quilts & ufo's

This weeks Thursday thread hails from the beautiful bag kit by Siposne Cseh Margit that I bought at The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham earlier this month. I promised myself that I would finish a few of my ufo's before I started the bag.
Here are pictures of some ufo's I have finished since then. And in fact there wasn't much to do on any of them to finished them off. It was more a case of needing a push to get started or finished.
Not sure how 'tinternet managed to muddle up the order of the pics I have posted but.....
Top to bottom: close up of paisley fabrics in the paisley quilt top I have just finished.
Blue and white lap quilt for an injured soldier.
The above mentioned bag kit
Paisley top complete - this is a nod to the paisley often used in Welsh quilts.
Another close up of the paisley blocks.
And finally another ufo finished. A baby quilt for the berievement midwife at Singleton Hospital Swansea.
Most of these projects are very convensional and 'just squares' but I do love patchwork squares.

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