Friday, 6 February 2015

Spool Block

Here is how I put together the spool Block we are making from The Beginners Guide to Quilting book we are using at the moment.
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Here are all the pieces for one block

Below they are laid out as per the finished block
 Take the centre square and stitch on the two sides
 And Press
 Take the four small squares and place them on either end of spool top and bottom
Mark a diagonal line with your fabric marker of choice 
 Stitch along the marked lines
Trim off excess fabric
 Quarter of an inch is good
   Press open
Line up and stitch to middle section
One at the top and one at the bottom
 And hey presto
You have a spool block
Here is the book we are working from.
It's proved rather elusive.
The book of the same name on Amazon is not the same book.
This book is actually classed as a bookazine - not quite a book, not quite a magazine.
It was published last year (2014) through Future Publishing
Although no longer in stock on line with them. 
It is often available in W.H. Smith in the UK
Usually amongst the magazines. 
Almost everyone in actual class now have a copy.
But if I'd realised how difficult it would be to get hold of.....well...
Top Tip
To avoid your machine chewing up the beginning of blocks sewn on point.
Start your stitching onto a piece of spare fabric (make sure it's two layers of fabric)
 and continue without stopping onto your actual block - see pic below - green fabric is the spare piece.
You simply snip the spare fabric off once you've completed your stitching.
Yours in Stitches, Joy
Somewhere over the Rainbow - with the lovely mellow voiced
Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole
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Great tip about spare material to start off, I often get "chewed up" stitching.....

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