Friday, 19 July 2013

Daisy stitches – Kickback Friday

Well my Quilty Friends, it's still hot, hot, hot in Wales.

So I was up, dressed and down the beach nice and early this morning before the day had a chance to heat up.

And it was glorious down there this morning.

I wanted to introduce Daisy to the beach.

At first she was afraid.
She was pretrified
And after ten minutes of trying, I had to pick her up and carry her onto the beach.

At first she stuck by me like glue.
But then she thought the wet sand was pretty cool to lay in.

What, me roll around in the wet sand.
No it wasn't me - I'm not sure I like the beach.

Stay with me this does involve stitching - eventually.
Now she's getting into it - ears all akimbo -
She looks a bit like a gremlin - maybe that's what happens to her for ten minutes every evening when she goes wild. Um.. must remember not to get her wet.


Ah yes, this is the life - just call me
Daisy Digger or Digger Daisy

Using camera timer now - quick Daisy, we have 10 seconds to strike a pose.
The eagle eyed among you may have noticed the railings in the sand. - yes the sand has completely covered the steps and most of the railings too!

SAM_2172After her first visit to the beach this morning Daisy has spent the rest of the day like this - with occasional re-positioning for comfort.

I think it's what you call 'Dog Tired'.


Here are some shells we collected this morning for future inspiration.

And finally, here comes the stitching bit.
Do you remember in my last post I showed you my work in progress.

Well, here it is all finished, except for the edging - not sure what I'm going to do there.
Any suggestions?
Above the original picture with my interpratation.
And this is a close up of Daisy all finished.

I'm absolutely thrilled with it - I had a few wobbles along the way, wasn't sure it was going to turn out how I envisaged it.
But the finished piece is just how I wanted it to look. Yippy!

Might try another one soon - watch this space. for today's song.  What to choose, I'm off for a play on youtube, I'll be back now, in a minute....
Here I am back - I've found a lovely video for you all - Paul Simon - Here Comes the Sun a tribute to George Harrison

Which makes me fancy listening to the original too...
so here it is
Just click on the pink link and enjoy.

So, that's it from me today,
Yours in Stitches, Joy


Joy Morgan said...

Just trying to see where the post are going.

Ros said...

Gosh you were up early ! Posting blog at (.181
Loved the music video s...!
Daisy stitching is great!... clever girl.
See you Monday hopefully,

Judith Dursley said...

Lovely finished pic of Daisy she looks to have enjoyed the beach too!

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