Hints & Tips

Follow your heart and make what YOU like - you are much more likely to finish something you wanted to make.

For those of you with lots of U.F.O.'s
Go through your U.F.O.'s and be honest with yourself. Pick one project that you feel you could finish and set it aside to work on next. Choose one project you know you won't finish/don't like/didn't enjoy doing. And  bin it either in the rubbish or recycling bin, or pass it on to someone else.  That way you haven't had to make decisions on all your U.F.O.'s but you have committed to finishing one and getting
 rid of one. 

Another U.F.O. tip. Any blocks you have made up but not put together. Either downsize the project (make a smaller quilt/project with the blocks you have already) or use the blocks to make cushions, bags, placements - anything that gets them out of your U.F.O. stash.

Beginners Tips Start small and make something that appeals to you. A cushion makes an ideal beginner project.

Get Involved Where quilters gather there is lots of fun, inspiration, learning and sharing.
Sew, join in. Join a local group, or guild. Visit local quilt exhibitions. Go to Workshops, Read, Surf the web. Start your own blog.
Join this blog and start commenting/exchanging ideas.

The more you get involved in Quilt World the more you'll get out of it.

When you get involved you'll be inspired by what others are making.....
You'll learn often by your own mistakes as you attempt to make the quilts that inspire you.
Your fellow quilters will share hints and tips with you - as you will with them.
But most important of all - have fun - enjoy the journey - 
And sometimes on your journey you will attempt something you simply don't like/or isn't you. And that's good too.  

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