Monday Quilt Group

We have a quilt class on Mondays. So, join in with us on-line.  You can choose which projects you would like to join in with, stitch it at your own pace or even just follow what we are doing.  That's what the girls in class do. Not everyone makes every project. Some are working on their own projects, just want the company or a little bit of advise, help or inspiration. We bounce ideas around, drink tea, eat cake and have fun. Having fun is the only thing we insist on - Remember this is a hobby - it's supposed to be fun!

Ok. That's what Monday Quilt Group is about. So lets jump right in. At the moment we are working on Log Cabin. That's any Log Cabin. To visit Monday Quilt Group click here 


Jean with her V&A Quilt.  When we went to the Quilt Exhibition at the V&A we bought fat quarters of lots of the V&A Quilt fabrics and shared them between four of  us so we could each make a quilt to mark the event.  This is the only quilt so far. But the picture printed on fabric in the quilt - I took that so I did contribute.  I know, I know I still have to us my fabrics to make a quilt.   

Gaynor with her butterfly quilt made in Dian's Wednesday class

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Joy Richardson said...

Impressive work, always nice to see what others are working on.

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