Monday, 1 May 2017

Quilting Tours

ECT TRAVEL have recently sent me some information on their Quilt Tours which got me reminiscing about my own trip to Alsace last September.

Below are two little collage collections of pictures I  took on my visit.

This one shows some of the wonderful quilts on display, including a 'quilted car'. Some stunning flowers and a random cat sunbathing on a windowsill.

The pictures below showcase more of the stunning quilts along with some of the delightful architecture of the region.
I feel I must draw your attention to the picture top left. As this was a Wedding that we happened upon on our travels.

Sofia from ECT Travel has sent me this description of the Alsace region and their Quilt Tour.

Nestled deep in the enchanting French countryside, the region of Alsace is situated close to the border of Germany and Switzerland. It is here in mid-September, for 4 days only, that you will find 36 unique and quirky exhibition sites dotted amongst the villages of Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, Sainte-Croix-aux-Mines, Liepvre and Rombach-Le-Franc.

As the cradle of the Amish movement, Alsace has been a hub for quilting and textile artists for over 300 years. In 1993 the European Patchwork Meeting was devised to celebrate the talents of traditional and modern patchworkers and quilters. With a huge range of activities such as workshops, conferences, specialist stalls and exhibitions, it is no surprise that over 22,000 international visitors flock to the event every year.

Working together with the Quilter’s Guild, ECT Travel have put together a fantastic 3 night package that gives textile enthusiasts the chance to explore the art trail at their own pace, whilst all the hassle of arranging their transport and accommodation has been taken care of.

Staying in the town of Colmar, where on Friday and Saturday evenings the buildings are illuminated by an award winning light show, guests will have free time to explore after being transferred back to their hotel from the event by executive coach.

Sound tempting?
Click on the link below to visit ECT Travel and find out more.

Oh, they also arrange Quilting trips to:

Just saying...........

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