Sunday, 5 March 2017

Area Day & Welsh Quilts

I went to a lovely Quilters Guild Area Day yesterday in Llandybie  (Region 12 South and Mid Wales).
The organiser Gill had put together a fabulous day of Quilting treats for us including a cawl lunch.

Some old Welsh Quilts were shown in the morning. Some hand stitched some machine stitched. 

As you may know my love is hand quilted Welsh Quilts, so much so that I have a Joyofwelshquilting blog.

But it was interesting to see the old machine stitched ones too.
They were simply machine stitched in zig zag or chevron lines,
as seen in the dark blue quilt pictured top middle below.

I love the leaves and swirls in Welsh Quilting.
Also these pictures show the Double Lines and Cross Hatching
another staple of Welsh Quilting.

This is a small Welsh piece I'm currently working on.
I use a metal thimble on my top hand and an Aunt Becky on my hand under my work.
I like to use dried soap as a marker.

You can see more of my work here.

I've recently made two videos on how I use an Aunt Becky.
The first one below shows how to use Aunt Becky when working in a hoop.

And this second one (below)
show how I use Aunt Becky when hand quilting without a hoop.

I hope these are of help.
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Yours in Stitches, Joy

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