Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Ok my Quilty Friends I've been working out how many 17" squares you can get out of a piece of wadding ready for the Lynne Edwards Sampler Quilt we are just about to start making.

Many of you will know how wonderful I am with figures so I won't be offended if you feel the need to double check me.

So here goes.

Crib (60"x45") Six

Twin (72"x90") Twenty

Queen (90"x108") Thirty

King (120"x120") Forty nine - this number worries me!

Then by the metre

90" wide Ten

108" wide Twelve

120" wide Fourteen

How much wadding you need will depend on how big you want your quilt to be.
A lot of the quilts in the book have 20 blocks in. But REMEMBER you will also need wadding for the borders.

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