Sunday, 13 September 2015

Getting ready....

Ok my Quilty Friends - in 24th September we shall be starting our Thursday project.  The Lynne Edwards Sampler Quilt.

We are starting with the Tumbling Blocks block. 

On that day you will need three different fabrics for for the tumbling blocks (see example below).

You need enough of each fabric to cut six 3" squares.  That's 18 squares in total. 

The blocks do need a 17" sq of background fabric but don't worry too much about bringing that along - you won't get to that stage on the day.

You'll need hand stitching kit (needle, thread, scissors, pins) pencil and ruler.

 And a small amount (about A5's worth) of paper for the piecing, the front cover of a nice magazine works well. Don't fret - I will have spares with me.

I'll bring everything else.

Do you like my stripy sox?

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Ros said...

Love the socks,! Blocks are good too

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