Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Strip Roll Stitching Day

Just wanted to share with you all some pictures from our Strip Roll Day yesterday....
Gaynor made this rather impressive sewing machine cover
'with the help and direction of Joan' 
(Gaynor doing a bit of hand stitching.)

Judith working on her Linus quilt
How many quilters does it take to make one quilt top?
Judith to make the mistake,
Joan to unpick it,
Jean to sew it back right!!!!
Note - Joan is unpicking while Jean is stitching.
In fact Jean is working so fast her work is a blur!
And of course Judith who's work it is looks on.
Judith's Linus top all finished.

Cath hard at work stitching the strips together.
And then we had a lunch break.....

All finished.
Here come the Play Tents
Karen's 'stripy tent'
Chris's 'Stripy tent' 
 Karen's second playtent of the day
This time she used larger squares
Lyn's single bed topper.
Peggy's two Hand stitching mats.
And Judith C has just sent me this picture of her finished
garden tablecloth - all ready for this Bank Holiday weekend. 
Well done Justith!

And guess what....
Gaynors Sewing Machine cover is reversable!!!
Clever girl.
And all from these lovely strip rolls.
Which came from Linda at Red House Quilting
A gentleman came into her shop with bags full of these rolls
that he had found after his wife passed away.
They were all different lengths and widths,
and full of wonderful surprises along the way.
There were dress fabrics, curtain fabric, hankies, pillows,
patchwork, lace etc.
Everyone was delighted with these rolls and there was much oowwing and ahhing,
as little treasures were found along the way - she had sewn onto these carefully cut pieces of fabric,
buttons, lace, a bell!, shisha mirrors, pieces of applique, a zip! And more.

We did wonder if this mysterious Stitcher was looking down on us and smiling as we gave new life to her work.
I think it's safe to say we all had a wonderful 'playday' together.
I'd love to be able to have invited you all to play.....
I know it's not easy to nip over to Wales from the other side of the world for a day out.
You could always invite a few of your quilty friends over for a 'playday'.
All you need is a hall, or someones house, some quilty friends and cake - you must have cake!

That's all from me for now folks,
Yours in Stitches, Joy


janeslee said...

Looks like you all had a fab day!!!
I wish I'd known about it.
Delicious quilts and tents covers etc.
very impressed. Love to all

Joy Morgan said...

We did have a fab day Jane. I posted about it on Port Talbot Quilters F.B. page. Chris Evans and Maria came along. Mind you I though you were away on holls!

Ros Morgan said...

It was great day, really enjoyed the company, stitching and of course our "Hope" lunch, there was plenty to go round! Must finish my strippy tent this weekend.

01 10