Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Upcycling, Upcycling

As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder........

I have recently come into possession of two black bin bags of treasures from a fellow Stitcher.

The said two bags of fabrics were taken into Linda's shop Redhouse Quilting by a gentleman who had lost his wife. He brought in all the rolls of fabric patches she had stitched together, in the hope they would be of use to someone - and possibly raise a little money for charity.
Above is just a very small selection.

Judith brought just a couple of the rolls to class one morning and when I began to unroll the first one I fell in love with it. And upon showing such interest in said fabric rolls Judith duly entrusted/unloaded the two bin bags of fabric rolls onto me.

Now, if it were three or four rolls of fabric patches, or indeed even a single number of them, I probably would have kept them and made them up myself.
With two bin bags of fabric - I knew I needed to enlist help.
I arranged a Scrap Roll Stitch Together Day
Myself and some stitching friends can stitch together and stitch together the rolls.

Which is why I started making them up this morning, so I could inspire my friends to make - lap quilts, bags, cushions, sewing rolls etc.  

To me these fabric rolls represent the life and times of a fellow stitcher.

I can see fabric from clothing, bedding and patchwork, including embellishment with buttons, zips and lace.

Whoever she was, she certainly put a lot for time, effort and thought into her stitching.
I wonder if she had a plan for these rolls?
Or was the stitching of the of the fabric pieces an end in itself for her.
This is the start of me Upcycling someone elses Upcycling........

I'll post more pictures as and when.......the upcycling completes.

The Scrap Roll Stitch Together day is planned for August, so watch this space.

That's all for now folks!
Yours in Stitches, Joy


Ros Morgan said...

Look forward to the upcycling day

janeslee said...

How lovely. I nope it's a day I can get to x

Joy Morgan said...

It's Tuesday 19th August. I'm busy making a play tent out of the fabric at the moment!

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