Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Jen Jones Annual Trip

Us ladies from Port Talbot love our annual trip to Jen Jones Quilt Gallery 'The Welsh Quilt Centre' in Lampeter.  And I don't know how she does it, but each and every year Jen and her team produce 'The Goods'.

This years exhibition is called Early to Bed and celebrates Folk Art and Make Do and Mend.

Even climbing the stairs leading up to the galleries took our breath away. The staircase walls had examples of the work of Janet Bolton.  And for those of you with a generously filled purses these wonderful pieces were for sale. I was very taken with her work, especially the sheep ones. You can never have too many sheep as far as I'm concerned.
Jen had a room/gallery with some stunning pieces of   Sandie Lush's  Quilted Jumpers.  That sentence does nothing to convey the complexity of and visual feast that Sandie has created with these 'Quilts'.

The main gallery space was dedicated to a wonderful display of Welsh Quilts. Including some Tailors Sample Quilts, an example of a conservation quilt (a subject very close to Jen's heart) and some fascinating Faux Patchwork quilts (cheater panels are nothing new!)

And if you are inspired to start a new project by the exhibition, just a couple of doors away you have Calico Kate's Quilting Shop. An Aladins Cave for quilters.

Of course if you are tempted to buy a Welsh Quilt of your own then take a look at
 Jen Jones Quilt Shop, where you can buy your very own antique Welsh Quilt.

And a first for me - no pictures in this post - just lots of 'pink links' for you to click on and find your own favorite pictures.

I thought I'd end today's very Welsh post with this lovely music video. Cerys Matthews singing Calon Lan - that takes me back to my school days. This was one of my favorite songs at assembly.

  So for now, yours in Stitches, Joy

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Ros Morgan said...

It was a great day out, looking forward to next year (tho we may try somewhere else for lunch)

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