Thursday, 17 July 2014

Schools out - anyone for camping - Patchwork Style?

Schools out.  Today we had our last Joyofquilting class(Thursday ladies) before our summer break.

And, as we are having such a beautiful summer here in Wales this year, I thought a bit of camping was in order.
Sew, I've patched myself a tent. OK, it's actually a playtent for my grandson William but I'm sure he would let me play too.

Here it is.
Well, I took some of those scrap rolls
stitched them together
and made this playtent.
(note the use of quilting bag and books instead of tent pegs - well we had set up camp on a wooden floor) 
I sort of used the pattern out of the
Beginners Guide to Quilting book we are using on Thursdays.
I say sort of used because I just looked at the pictures - I didn't read the instructions.
It really is a simple project to make up. 
At the moment the book is out of stock online.
Hopefully it will be back in stock again soon because there are some lovely projects in there.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the room there was lots of Hexie work going on.
 Louise and Ann are working on applique Hexie cushions.

 Karen and Sue have made Hexie balls
(I'll be posting instructions for this very soon.)

 And Evette has been busy making bunches of Hexie flowers for her quilt top.

Hopefully all you Thursday ladies have enough stitching to keep you occupied over rest of the summer.
And if you are following my blog or have liked my facebook page you'll get updates as I post them.

Next week we will be visiting Jen Jones Gallery Exhibition 'Early to Bed'

Diary date - Joyofquilting (Thursday Ladies) start back on Thursday 4th September.

Yours in Stitches, Joy

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Ros Morgan said...

Love the tent! It looks alot easier than the teepee pattern I was looking at Can't wait to start my tent for our William as soon as I finish all the current projects.

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