Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Five reasons to follow me on facebook

Which is better?

The Joyofquilting blog or the Joyofquilting facebook page?

For content - my Joyofquilting blog.
for posting - my Joyofquilting facebook page wins hands down.

The good news is, you don't need to choose - you can have the best of both worlds.

Joyofquilting face book page was created to compliment my Joyofquilting Blog.
An add on if you like.
But it very quickly took on a life of it's own.
And I wouldn't want you to miss out.

Here are five reasons why you should follow Joyofquilting on facebook!

1. I post/share/like far more frequently on my f.b. page. 

Creating a blog post takes a lot of time, effort and brain power. I spend many hours taking the pictures,writing and re-writing the posts I make - I'm not complaining here. I love creating my posts.  
BUT sharing a picture or comment on f.b. takes seconds.
Which means I can share ideas with you all with the click of the share button in real time - or thereabouts!

I regularly 'share' posts from other quilters. It could be a quilt I think is wonderful or patterns I think you would like. Sometimes techniques I think you'd be interested in learning. Or just a picture of a stunning piece of work.
This week alone you've missed  7 facebook posts. Which included two links to patterns I thought you would like.

2. You get two for the price of one (BOGOF!)

When you follow my facebook page not only will you receive my facebook posts, comments and shares. You will also receive links to each blog post I make on my Joyofquilt Blog, so you'll never miss out on either.

3. Becoming Friends 

It's so easy to post a comment on my facebook page, which means there are often little conversations going on. Which all adds to the fun.

4. Keeping in touch

 All my posts (facebook and blog) delivered automatically to your face book news feed.

5. Sharing

It's also super simple to share any of my f.b. posts with your own friends. If you like the post your friends probably will too, and with a click of the share button you've passed it on.

Unlike my blog, My Joyofquilting f.b. page isn't all about me - it's all about sharing the ideas, projects, pictures, websites and blogs that I find interesting with you all.
The more I immerse myself into the world of on-line quilting, the more I learn about - and I want to share that with you too.
Interested? Click on my 'follow me on facebook' icon on my blog or click on the pink link below.

It wasn't until I created a f.b. page for my blog that I realised that Blogs and f.b. pages are completely different animals. Both are equally important and indeed are not rivals but instead go hand in hand together to create a more rounded experience for you my readers.

So, why not take a look at my facebook page here. and if you 'like' click 'like' my Joyofquilting page to get regular updates on your facebook page.

Thanks for reading. And I'm wondering now if I should follow this up with a 5 myths about joining facebook post for the facebook terrified out there!      Yours in Stitches, Joy

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