Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Bunting Fun - Free Project

Here is some super simple bunting for you to make.
All you need is some surplus fabrics and some string/cord/ribbon to attach them to.
A pair of scissor and sewing machine or needle and thread to hand stitch.
Do you remember the rolls of scrap fabrics I was given recently?
Well I've used used them.
You can use whatever fabrics you have laying around.

 First I made a paper template using the cover of an old magazine.
If you want to know how I made my template it's at the end or this post.

Let's begin the fun part.
 I simply lay my (rather funky) paper template onto my fabric
and marked around it with a fabric marker pen.
Here it is marked out with a fabric marker pen.
(you should be just about able to make out the -----.
I simply cut out the bunting using my pinking shears.
But it's perfectly ok to use ordinary scissors.
Or a rotary cutter if you so wish.
Also feel free to cut multiple layers of fabric for a quicker finish.  
With the right side of your fabric face down and the cord/ribbon on top.
Simply run your bunting through your sewing machine.
(this is the bit you could stitch by hand if desired) 

I left aprox. one and a half inches between each piece.
I didn't stop and start again between each flag.
I simply continued sewing my zig-zag stitch onto the cord.

I used a three step zig-zag stitch.
You could also use a normal zig-zag stitch.
 A close up of how the stitching looks from the front above
And the back view below.
And there you have it - Happy Bunting.

This is how I made my template.

My fabric was aprox. four and a half inches wide.
 So I took that as my top measurement.

I thought seven inches looked a good length for my bunting.
I love working by eye.

I drew a rectangle seven by four and a half inches
see below
I made a mark half way along the bottom four and a half inch line.

Then drew a line from the top corner to the bottom middle 
 And another line from the opposite top corner to the bottom middle
Creating a bunting shape.
I then cut this shape out onto a rather funky piece of a magazine cover.
Simply because it was a bit sturdier than the sheet of paper I drew on.

Remember, you can make your bunting any size you like.

I've enjoyed doing this so much I'm going to make some more up for pressies.

Yours in Stitches, Joy


Helen McNaught @ AuntyHennys said...

WOW Joy! the bunting is gorgeous! what a great use of scraps!! might have to make up a string to use as decoration for my Market table when I get around to actually having a Market table! I love the scrappiness of it and we know we all have a box of scraps :-)

Ros Morgan said...

That's so effective with the different patterns in each "flag", you are full of great ideas.!

Joy Morgan said...

Thanks Ros and Helen, and they really are so quick and simple to make - I've started some more today! I thought they'd make lovely 'garden gifts' for friends and family.

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