Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Bunting Fun - Free Project

Here is some super simple bunting for you to make.
All you need is some surplus fabrics and some string/cord/ribbon to attach them to.
A pair of scissor and sewing machine or needle and thread to hand stitch.
Do you remember the rolls of scrap fabrics I was given recently?
Well I've used used them.
You can use whatever fabrics you have laying around.

 First I made a paper template using the cover of an old magazine.
If you want to know how I made my template it's at the end or this post.

Let's begin the fun part.
 I simply lay my (rather funky) paper template onto my fabric
and marked around it with a fabric marker pen.
Here it is marked out with a fabric marker pen.
(you should be just about able to make out the -----.
I simply cut out the bunting using my pinking shears.
But it's perfectly ok to use ordinary scissors.
Or a rotary cutter if you so wish.
Also feel free to cut multiple layers of fabric for a quicker finish.  
With the right side of your fabric face down and the cord/ribbon on top.
Simply run your bunting through your sewing machine.
(this is the bit you could stitch by hand if desired) 

I left aprox. one and a half inches between each piece.
I didn't stop and start again between each flag.
I simply continued sewing my zig-zag stitch onto the cord.

I used a three step zig-zag stitch.
You could also use a normal zig-zag stitch.
 A close up of how the stitching looks from the front above
And the back view below.
And there you have it - Happy Bunting.

This is how I made my template.

My fabric was aprox. four and a half inches wide.
 So I took that as my top measurement.

I thought seven inches looked a good length for my bunting.
I love working by eye.

I drew a rectangle seven by four and a half inches
see below
I made a mark half way along the bottom four and a half inch line.

Then drew a line from the top corner to the bottom middle 
 And another line from the opposite top corner to the bottom middle
Creating a bunting shape.
I then cut this shape out onto a rather funky piece of a magazine cover.
Simply because it was a bit sturdier than the sheet of paper I drew on.

Remember, you can make your bunting any size you like.

I've enjoyed doing this so much I'm going to make some more up for pressies.

Yours in Stitches, Joy

Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Jen Jones Annual Trip

Us ladies from Port Talbot love our annual trip to Jen Jones Quilt Gallery 'The Welsh Quilt Centre' in Lampeter.  And I don't know how she does it, but each and every year Jen and her team produce 'The Goods'.

This years exhibition is called Early to Bed and celebrates Folk Art and Make Do and Mend.

Even climbing the stairs leading up to the galleries took our breath away. The staircase walls had examples of the work of Janet Bolton.  And for those of you with a generously filled purses these wonderful pieces were for sale. I was very taken with her work, especially the sheep ones. You can never have too many sheep as far as I'm concerned.
Jen had a room/gallery with some stunning pieces of   Sandie Lush's  Quilted Jumpers.  That sentence does nothing to convey the complexity of and visual feast that Sandie has created with these 'Quilts'.

The main gallery space was dedicated to a wonderful display of Welsh Quilts. Including some Tailors Sample Quilts, an example of a conservation quilt (a subject very close to Jen's heart) and some fascinating Faux Patchwork quilts (cheater panels are nothing new!)

And if you are inspired to start a new project by the exhibition, just a couple of doors away you have Calico Kate's Quilting Shop. An Aladins Cave for quilters.

Of course if you are tempted to buy a Welsh Quilt of your own then take a look at
 Jen Jones Quilt Shop, where you can buy your very own antique Welsh Quilt.

And a first for me - no pictures in this post - just lots of 'pink links' for you to click on and find your own favorite pictures.

I thought I'd end today's very Welsh post with this lovely music video. Cerys Matthews singing Calon Lan - that takes me back to my school days. This was one of my favorite songs at assembly.

  So for now, yours in Stitches, Joy

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Schools out - anyone for camping - Patchwork Style?

Schools out.  Today we had our last Joyofquilting class(Thursday ladies) before our summer break.

And, as we are having such a beautiful summer here in Wales this year, I thought a bit of camping was in order.
Sew, I've patched myself a tent. OK, it's actually a playtent for my grandson William but I'm sure he would let me play too.

Here it is.
Well, I took some of those scrap rolls
stitched them together
and made this playtent.
(note the use of quilting bag and books instead of tent pegs - well we had set up camp on a wooden floor) 
I sort of used the pattern out of the
Beginners Guide to Quilting book we are using on Thursdays.
I say sort of used because I just looked at the pictures - I didn't read the instructions.
It really is a simple project to make up. 
At the moment the book is out of stock online.
Hopefully it will be back in stock again soon because there are some lovely projects in there.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the room there was lots of Hexie work going on.
 Louise and Ann are working on applique Hexie cushions.

 Karen and Sue have made Hexie balls
(I'll be posting instructions for this very soon.)

 And Evette has been busy making bunches of Hexie flowers for her quilt top.

Hopefully all you Thursday ladies have enough stitching to keep you occupied over rest of the summer.
And if you are following my blog or have liked my facebook page you'll get updates as I post them.

Next week we will be visiting Jen Jones Gallery Exhibition 'Early to Bed'

Diary date - Joyofquilting (Thursday Ladies) start back on Thursday 4th September.

Yours in Stitches, Joy

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Five reasons to follow me on facebook

Which is better?

The Joyofquilting blog or the Joyofquilting facebook page?

For content - my Joyofquilting blog.
for posting - my Joyofquilting facebook page wins hands down.

The good news is, you don't need to choose - you can have the best of both worlds.

Joyofquilting face book page was created to compliment my Joyofquilting Blog.
An add on if you like.
But it very quickly took on a life of it's own.
And I wouldn't want you to miss out.

Here are five reasons why you should follow Joyofquilting on facebook!

1. I post/share/like far more frequently on my f.b. page. 

Creating a blog post takes a lot of time, effort and brain power. I spend many hours taking the pictures,writing and re-writing the posts I make - I'm not complaining here. I love creating my posts.  
BUT sharing a picture or comment on f.b. takes seconds.
Which means I can share ideas with you all with the click of the share button in real time - or thereabouts!

I regularly 'share' posts from other quilters. It could be a quilt I think is wonderful or patterns I think you would like. Sometimes techniques I think you'd be interested in learning. Or just a picture of a stunning piece of work.
This week alone you've missed  7 facebook posts. Which included two links to patterns I thought you would like.

2. You get two for the price of one (BOGOF!)

When you follow my facebook page not only will you receive my facebook posts, comments and shares. You will also receive links to each blog post I make on my Joyofquilt Blog, so you'll never miss out on either.

3. Becoming Friends 

It's so easy to post a comment on my facebook page, which means there are often little conversations going on. Which all adds to the fun.

4. Keeping in touch

 All my posts (facebook and blog) delivered automatically to your face book news feed.

5. Sharing

It's also super simple to share any of my f.b. posts with your own friends. If you like the post your friends probably will too, and with a click of the share button you've passed it on.

Unlike my blog, My Joyofquilting f.b. page isn't all about me - it's all about sharing the ideas, projects, pictures, websites and blogs that I find interesting with you all.
The more I immerse myself into the world of on-line quilting, the more I learn about - and I want to share that with you too.
Interested? Click on my 'follow me on facebook' icon on my blog or click on the pink link below.

It wasn't until I created a f.b. page for my blog that I realised that Blogs and f.b. pages are completely different animals. Both are equally important and indeed are not rivals but instead go hand in hand together to create a more rounded experience for you my readers.

So, why not take a look at my facebook page here. and if you 'like' click 'like' my Joyofquilting page to get regular updates on your facebook page.

Thanks for reading. And I'm wondering now if I should follow this up with a 5 myths about joining facebook post for the facebook terrified out there!      Yours in Stitches, Joy

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Upcycling, Upcycling

As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder........

I have recently come into possession of two black bin bags of treasures from a fellow Stitcher.

The said two bags of fabrics were taken into Linda's shop Redhouse Quilting by a gentleman who had lost his wife. He brought in all the rolls of fabric patches she had stitched together, in the hope they would be of use to someone - and possibly raise a little money for charity.
Above is just a very small selection.

Judith brought just a couple of the rolls to class one morning and when I began to unroll the first one I fell in love with it. And upon showing such interest in said fabric rolls Judith duly entrusted/unloaded the two bin bags of fabric rolls onto me.

Now, if it were three or four rolls of fabric patches, or indeed even a single number of them, I probably would have kept them and made them up myself.
With two bin bags of fabric - I knew I needed to enlist help.
I arranged a Scrap Roll Stitch Together Day
Myself and some stitching friends can stitch together and stitch together the rolls.

Which is why I started making them up this morning, so I could inspire my friends to make - lap quilts, bags, cushions, sewing rolls etc.  

To me these fabric rolls represent the life and times of a fellow stitcher.

I can see fabric from clothing, bedding and patchwork, including embellishment with buttons, zips and lace.

Whoever she was, she certainly put a lot for time, effort and thought into her stitching.
I wonder if she had a plan for these rolls?
Or was the stitching of the of the fabric pieces an end in itself for her.
This is the start of me Upcycling someone elses Upcycling........

I'll post more pictures as and when.......the upcycling completes.

The Scrap Roll Stitch Together day is planned for August, so watch this space.

That's all for now folks!
Yours in Stitches, Joy

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