Thursday, 29 May 2014

Quick and Easy Cushion

Right then, here are the pictures I promised to help you make a quick and easy cushion cover.
This works whether you are using one piece of fabric or a patchwork block.

This is the Hexigon one I made up.
As I didn't think to take pics as I went along
I've made up a smaller cushion cover as a sample.
Cut your piece of fabric or block for your cushion front to your own size.

For example for a 15" cushion  I would cut a fabric/block 16"
That gives you half an inch for the seams.

To make a cushion with an Oxford edge (as in my hexie cushion above)
add aprox four inches so 15" cushion cut fabric/block 19"  

 Next roughly cut a piece of thin wadding/batting 
bigger than the block. Lay fabric/block on top of the wadding.
At this point add any quilting, embroidery or embellishments.
It's easier to do at this point and attaches the fabric to the wadding. 
Trim down the wadding/batting to the size of your fabric/cushion front.

Now cut two pieces of fabric for the back of your cushion.
They need to be bigger than the cushion front.
You can roughly cut them on three sides but one long edge on each piece
needs to be straight.
This is the edge you are going to neaten and will become the back opening.

On both pieces of backing fabric.
Press over about a quarter of an inch along the long straight edge.
Than press over again so you now have a neat edge.
Stitch along this edge

Lay the two backing pieces down with the right sides up
The one at the top of the picture should be
overlapping the bottom one by about 3"
 Lay your cushion front face down onto the back of your cushion
(right sides together)

Pin or tack in place
 and stitch around the entire square.

Trim away the excess backing fabric

 Back of cushion after cutting back and before turning through.
Turn your finished cushion cover through to the front
To finish
Give your cushion a good press.

And your done
you were making the bigger one with the Oxford edge,
in which case you would have cut the block bigger to start with (see above for measurements).

You  create the Oxford edge once the cushion has been turned through.
Simply sew a second line of stitching aprox 2" in from the edge
of the cushion. I find it best to stitch this in two parts.

Firstly (see above) stitch from just under the cushion flap
on the bottom edge to just under the cushion flap at the opposite edge.

And then,
 Stitch aprox 2" from the edge around the top half of the cushion
From pin to pin (see pic below) leaving aprox 1"-2" gap where the backing fabrics overlap, otherwise it starts getting difficult
to put your cushion into the cushion cover.
I've used a contrast thread here so you can see where I've stitched.
But you would be using a coordinating one.
Job done.

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