Thursday, 22 May 2014

Lively Class

Well, we had a very lively class this morning. The girls from the Pontrhydyfen Quilting Group visited us.

I think having them there may have confused me somewhat, as when I emptied my bags after class I found two sets of the Clover Templates. Which means I've picked up my own and someone elses.  Please let me know if it's you.

Next here is the link the the book we are going to be using in Thursday class.
Beginner's Guide to Quilting   

 Beginners Guide to Quilting
You can look through the book on-line before you buy.
This brand new out book is very up to date. Uses lots of the techniques I already use. Is full of useful information, along with some lovely projects and is going to make the perfect class partner I think.

I've got to give my copy back to my friend Gaynor, so I've just ordered myself a copy - and - well I did mention this morning that books and handbags are my weakness. You can never have to many books or handbags I think.  And when I saw this books bigger sister Pro Guide to Quilting , I may have pressed the buy now button! Well, by next year we might have progressed enough to go pro! And I need to be prepared.

And if any of you out there in Blogland want to join in with our projects that would be great too.

I think that's enough info for now. And when I've had a lay down in a dark room to recover from this morning, I'll take some pictures of how to put the hexagon cushion (or any cushion) together and post them over the next few days.

Meanwhile, Yours in Stitches, Joy

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