Monday, 17 March 2014

Squaring Up

As I had asked everyone in class to finish one U.F.O. before starting any new projects.
I thought best if I did my bit of u.f.o. finishing too.

I had found two u.f.o.'s that only needed binding to finish them.
While I was searching through my stash for the right fabric for one of the bindings, I came across a quilt top which I had been looking for for some time.  Quite how it got into my fabric stash I don't know.
Instantly I knew I wanted to finish this quilt a.s.a.p.
As you can see, it's a Sunbonnet Sue.
I quickly put the top wadding and backing together.
Here it is going through what my hubby calls it's Punk stage. Draped over my machine table ready for stitching.
 I've now machine stitched it in the ditch and freemotion quilted around the applique (with the feed dogs up).
I know I haven't shown you all how I freemotion machine quilt yet. But thought those of you who have done a bit of freemotion quilting might like to see me freemotion quilt with the feed dogs up! 
It's not something I do all the time but sometimes feed dogs up is good. 

This afternoon I squared the quilt up - so I'm all ready now for the binding.
Below is a quick video of how I square up my quilts. 

This quilt is going to a good home. My friend and cycling partner Gaynor's grandaughter Grace.
Phew that was a mouthfull - had to read it twice myself - still not sure it makes sense!
She'll be two next week - so just the right age to appreciate the pictures. 
Enjoy the videos,
I'll be doing a binding one soon.
Yours in Stitches, Joy

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