Tuesday, 4 February 2014

U.F.O. Quilts

My challenge to you all for January was to finish off one U.F.O.

We have had a few in this week.
 Gaynor has finished this beautiful flower.
I love the hand stitching detail on Gaynors flower. 
 Lyn has finished the Advent Calender she started before Christmas
And she said that it would have stayed unfinished until at least next Christmas.
She was so glad she had got it back out because there wasn't actually much to do
to finish it off. 
 Cath doesn't want any fuss - so she is hiding behind
this quilt she has just finished for her grandaughter. 
And Eve got out her unfinished Welsh Quilt
And was pleasantly surprised at how
little she had to do to finish it off.


Come on ladies, dust off just one U.F.O. 
you too might be pleasantly surprised how
quickly you can finish it off.
Just think how proud  you will feel of yourself 
Going from U.F.O. (un-finished  object)
T.F.O. (totally finished object)

Yours in Stitches, Joy.

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