Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Monday Class

Christmas over, new grandson born safe and sound, winter cough/cold dealt with (lots of cough medicine/ibuprofen/throat tablets/honey and whiskey) Yes I threw everything at it. And finally I get back to Monday class.

It's just as well I decided that January would be Finish a U.F.O. month!

And the U.F.O. I'm going to finish is the second of the three logcabin quilt tops I made last year in Monday Class.

It's all layered up now, ready to finish the binding.
I'm going to bring over from the back.
This will be my next video lesson
(how to bind a quilt by bringing the backing fabric
over to the front of the quilt.)

Meanwhile, Judith C has been busy on a strippy spree
Here is her latest piece

 Simply elegant

And I'll leave you today with this picture of my new grandson William
attending his first Quilting Class
with Julie, Jean, Joan and Gaynor

Yours in Stitches, Joy

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