Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas Cushions - Monday Group

Hello there my Quilty Friends,
This weeks Monday Class was our Christmas Lunch.
Twenty nine of us went out for the day to Cowbridge, did a little Christmas Shopping and generally had a good old Christmassy time.

I bought these rather nifty skating boots in Cowbridge

I'd like to share with you a couple of pictures of  work that Judith C. bought along this week to show us.

Firstly Judith has been busy making the Hand Stitched Christmas Hearts I showed you all how to make last week.

And Secondly, a picture of some rather Elegant Christmas Cushions Judith has 'run up' - 
Judith described them as Simple but I think Elegant is a better description of these little beauties. 
Yes, they are a simple idea - but it's Elegant they look.
And what a lovely/easy way to showcase your Christmas Fabrics.
I'm claiming these as 'Strippy Cushions' as they follow on nicely from the Strippy Quilts we were all making earlier this year.
They would make fabulous Christmas Gifts
Just think, three strips a piece for the back a cushion and your good to go. 

Well, my Quilty Friends I'd better be off now.
I've loads more little Hand Made Hearts to stitch,
I've been popping some in with Christmas Cards as well as working on a wreath and garland of Hearts.
Yours in Stitches, Joy 

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Ros said...

Lots of lovely hearts and super cushions, Judith. I'm on a batch of cream and "gold" ones but can't find the right button for the centres....See you all on Monday

01 10