Tuesday, 5 November 2013

More Strippy's - Monday Group

We had a couple more book covers completed and brought into class this week.
These are Judith c and Eve's. And Eve made hers up following my Book cover video instructions Part 1
Part 2. I was delighted to hear that because it means my video instructions are followable!

We also had our once a month sit and sew morning this week (Tuesday).
And Karen brought in these lovely strippy quilts she has made as presents.

They are all lovely
but the black sashing and borders on this quilt
make it really 'pop'
And as Karen said making these strippies with larger pieces
means you can really showcase the fabric patterns.

You might remember we were making strippy quilts over the summer. But most of the ones we made were 'baby' sized. With small strips. So it was lovely to see Karens adult sized lap quilts with big bold strips.

Now we are in November I can mention Christmas. I'd love to see/hear about your Christmas projects.
And you can post any pictures you have on my Joyofquilting Face Book Page.
I'm also going to be looking for interesting Christmas Quilty ideas to post on my Facebook page over the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye on that. Better still, like my facebook page and you'll get to updates whenever I post something new.

Well, I'm off now to start my Quilty Christmas search,    

Yours in Stitches, Joy

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Ros said...

Lovely strippy quilts, it'S my next big project once all the baby quilts are done. I've run out of the lovely fine Moda calico so will have to go and visit Linda in Red House.

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