Friday, 11 October 2013

My left toe, Facebook pages, and Kickback Friday

Well my Quilty Friends, it seems that I have managed to re-break my little toe.
And within feet of the original toe breaking incident too!

This isn't one of the ch ch changes I was talking about last week.
Suffice to say it's put a stop to my stitching antics this week.
I've had to re-think todays post.
And as I have had some time to sit and browse the web. I thought I'd share with you some Facebook pages.
They are a bit different to blogs and often people have a blog AND a facebook page. (As I do)

I've put below some links to a few 'quilty' facebook pages, including mine of course.

And for any of you new to facebook or if you just don't know. I'd like to tell you a little about
likes and shares and what are they.

When you click on "Like" you are just expressing that you liked this particular post, status, picture or anything.
With "Share", you share it (publishing it on your profile)  because you think this is interesting and your facebook friends may like to see it too.

So, click on the pink links and enjoy.

Project Linus

Diary of a quilter



Today's music video - well, with a little wink to my left toe...
Chumbawamba - I Get Knocked Down Again.
A fun montage of pictures, I love the horse, but I don't think I should try the bouncing shoes.
Yours in Stitches, Joy

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Helen McNaught said...

So sorry to read about your toe Joy, ouch! hand sewing only for you :-)

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