Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Monday Group - Patchwork Book Cover

Hello there my Quilty Friends,

The sun is shining, my toe is 'quite' happy and my ch ch changes are coming along nicely.

And in Monday class we started on the Patchwork Book Covers.

I'm hoping to get a video up soon on how I made the book cover.
I can't blame my toe entirely for not getting the video made.
I have spent a little time in my workroom both yesterday and today.
I was sidetracked by the ideas in my head and I've been working on another version of the book cover
Also practicing a new technique and idea that is part of my ch ch changes.

But for now you'll have to be content with a couple of pictures of the work in progress on the Book Covers.
 These first two pictures are of the original Patchwork Book Cover
And yesterday in 'actual class', I showed as far as getting to use your sewing machine's fancy stitches  
 Then yesterday afternoon I felt the need to try a 'Wholecloth' book cover.
The 'wholecloth' being a piece of Deborah O'hare's wonderful painted fabric.
This is a work in progress at the moment.
I have further plans for this piece.

There'll be no more stitching or any videoing for me today as I'm off to see Buddy in the Grand Theatre Swansea tonight.

But I promise I'll work on the Patchwork Book Cover over the next few days so you can all have a go soon.

Yours in Stitches, Joy 


Ros said...

I love the "Deb" version, I'm still practising stitching ,I don't want to ruin the beautiful fabric squares.

Joy Morgan said...

Just get in there Ros and stitch the fabric squares. You can always make another one and mine isn't perfect. In fact the 'wholecloth' one has a whole line of stitching that went wrong - but hey ho....it's going to be a book cover with attitude!

Elizabeth Curtis said...

Hope you enjoyed Buddy. Is the book cover for paper book or e.reader?

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