Thursday, 17 October 2013

Is it Kickback Friday already!

Hello there my Quilty Friends, you know the saying 'make hay while the sun shines'.
Well the sun has been shining here in Wales. It's kind of warm for this time of year (and dry).
I have a confession to make - Instead of staying in to make the bookcover videos, I took my dog Daisy down to the beach this morning.
It was quite exciting as dogs are only allowed on the main beach after 30th September. So it was Daisy's first visit to the main beach this morning.
And as you can see she enjoyed.
 The pink thing around her neck is a frizbe.
She hasn't got the hang of playing with the frizbe yet.
I threw it, turned my camera on and she was running back to me
with the frizbe around her neck - not sure how she did that! 
Enjoying a little paddle.

I had meant to video this afternoon, but.......

We fell asleep.
And as Daisy had fallen asleep on my legs
I couldn't disturb her - could I.

A quick little message to any 'Actual' Monday class readers from Jean....
'Can you bring in the remainder of your Cowbridge money next Monday please.'

Last week I bought myself the new Jack Johnson CD From Here To Now - I'm loving it so here is a track
'You Remind Me of You'

Yours in Stitches, Joy
p.s. I'm stilll working on my ch ch ch changes ;) 


Deborah OHare said...

You might see me and Rosie on this beach this morning as I have business in your area ;)

Joy Morgan said...

Hope you enjoyed the beach - we went into the forest this morning collecting chestnuts.

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