Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Strippy Quilts - Monday Class & Spotlight Wednesday!!!

Well my Quilting Friends we hit September running this Monday. We were quite a full class. With every one eager to get stitching.
As I told you all last week we are kicking of with a stripping quilt - just noticed the error there but thought I'd leave it in for you to enjoy. That sentence should have read.
As I told you all last week we are kicking of with a strippy quilt. I'm not quite sure what a stripping quilt would be used for but images of  it replacing the fans in a fan dance jump straight into my head. Any other sugesstions my Quilty Friends?
Anyway, before we get started on that, that I want to show you some finished log cabins.

This beautiful logcabin quilt is the work of Joan.
Joan has made this quilt for her Grandson Harvey.

 And the wonky logcabin quilt above and below belong's to our Win.
She brought it along to class to layer it up on our big tables.

Above is Judith C's logcabin quilt
This picture really doesn't do it justice by the way.
And below is a close up of one of the blocks showing
one of the ties. As Judith tied this quilt.
This is making me feel a little guilty as I've yet to finish off my logcabins.

Above is Daisy 'helping' me while I'm cutting out the strips for my
Strippy Quilt.
She is growing so fast and she can reach up onto the table now
and anything within her reach gets removed for further investigation!
More on the Strippy Quilt soon.....

Yours in Stitches, Joy


Lorna McMahon said...

Wonderful quilts! Thanks for sharing these pics! My grandma always tied her quilts. Daisy is so cute. And mischievous!

Joyofquilting said...

Thanks Lorna. I'm going to put a link to you mom's embroidery quilts so my lot can see her lovely work too.

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