Monday, 30 September 2013

Log Cabin Hearts- Monday Class

Good morning my Quilty Friends.

There was much excitement in class this morning as we were organizing our Christmas Dinner...

This year we have extended our Christmas Dinner to last a whole day.

Jean has masterminded a trip to Cowbridge Town where we shall have time for tea/coffee and cake on arrival, Christmas shopping and then a wonderful lunch at The Bear - Bliss - I've already chosen what I want to eat - not that I'm excited or anything.
So you won't feel left out, I will post pictures of our day - obviously that won't be 'till December.

Today in class Joan brought in her logcabin hearts - so for those of you still working on your logcabins take heart - it's not a race - you just need to enjoy the journey.
 This is one heart block, which I believe is made up of four logcabin blocks.

This is one of the logcabin blocks
can you see it starts at the bottom left of the picture?

And these are the four heart blocks together.
Beautiful work Joan 

I have finished my strippy quilt and have backed it with a fleece. (I'll be posting a picture of it later in the week)
And backing my strippy with fleece gave me the idea to back one of my logcabin quilt tops with a fleece so it will be nice and cwtchy for the winter - watch this space for updates on progress.

I also took in the book cover we will be making soon.
I'll be posting a picture and a list of requirements soon for those of you who would like to join in with us on-line.

That's about it from me today,
Yours in Stitches, Joy


Joy Morgan said...

Back on google plus. Hoping this doesn't disable comments again.....

Ros said...

Joan's heart log cabin is just as stunning in the pics as it was to see for real.
Hope the Day at the Races went well.

Karen Small said...

Loving Joans log cabin heart, I'd love to see it in Swansea Quilters next month. Does Cowbridge know whats going to hit it in December!!

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