Saturday, 3 August 2013

When is it ok to bin a project - Kickback Friday.

Or is it ok to ever bin a project?

Sorry ladies, I seem to have upset some of you.

I did what for some of you is unthinkable - I binned the baby quilt top I was making.

I posted about it last week - I was not happy with the way it was going together and ask you for help.
One good suggestion was to stitch a machine embroidery stitch around the offending quilt patches.

I did that and it did indeed make the block look better.
I still didn't like the quilt. I started unpicking the borders. Hating every second of working on this quilt.
Then I thought I've spent too much of my time working and re-working this quilt top, and I still don't like it.
It was to be a present and I felt I didn't want anyone saying 'Joy made me this quilt'.


I put the quilt top in the bin.
Instantly I felt relieved. I didn't have to think about this quilt anymore.
In fact about an hour later I took it out of my workroom bin and put it in the outside bin - so there was no going back.
I enjoyed the sound of the bin men emptying my bins early the next morning.
It was gone - I could move on.


News of my actions was met with mixed reactions. Some were supportive and happy for me.
But more were shocked  and dismayed that I could do such a thing. Feeling that I should have carried on with the quilt even if it didn't go to the intended recipient (someone knew of a dog called Millie).
Some thought I should have passed it onto another quilter to finish.

My question this week is. Do/Have you ever binned a project and how did you justify it to yourself.

I have only binned a few over the years possibly three or four. And I don't regret binning any of them. I think if you have no intention of finishing a project it's better to get rid of it than have it constantly niggling your mind feeling guilty you haven't finished it.

I do have lots of U.F.O.'s that I have every intention of finishing some day, but for the few I have hated, I have felt better for binning them.

In the few days since I have completed a new top for the baby in question (Millie) and enjoyed every minute of the process.  

And this is my hobby, I'm supposed to enjoy it.
I'm so glad to be back on track enjoying my stitching.
Yours in Stitches, Joy


Ros said...

It's looking good Joy,I know you weren't happy with the original, and it's good to put it behind you and move forward. It's all a learning curve, we'll all think about how our fabrics go together in future.
Loved Lampeter but the garden was a bit too steep, fortunately dry though, would be no good today!No Theme for Cae Hir next year so we could all put an entry in... 8 Doli Defaids for a start.

Peggy said...

Having seen the new quilt in class, it works far better and is really very pretty. Those frogs are still making me smile. Sure Millie will love it and treasure it as she grows. You are right, quilting is meant for enjoyment and not a chore.

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