Friday, 30 August 2013

New Ideas - Kickback Friday

Hello there my Quilty Friends,
My D.H. had a few days off this week.
This picture of my D.H. and Daisy was taken at Kenffig Pool
The most surprising part is that this was my first ever visit to Kenffig  Nature Reserve 
and it's only four or five miles from our house!
Well it certainly won't be my last visit that's for sure - absolutely stunning scenery.

 And, after the beautiful summer we have had here in Wales, the days are now getting shorter and my thoughts are turning towards Monday class next projects.

All these ideas are very much still in my head at the moment.

I know we said we would start the landscape quilt in September so that's a start for us.

Also there was a quilt a few of us took a fancy to when we visited Penarth Quilters Exhibition.

This pictures not very good quality - but you can get the idea(ish).
It's a simple strippy quilt. Like the ones on either end of this picture taken at Penarth. But they are very effective. Maybe we'll start one of those with our scraps.

And I bought a lovely patchwork book cover somewhere this year - can't think where at the moment.
I thought we could make something similar  in class/here. Whether we choose to cover a book, diary, phone, tab...possibilities are endless.  I'll get working on a sample one very soon.

And now this weeks video - Retro meets Bang up to date with and Leah - Bang Bang

Click on the little square at bottom right of video screen to make it full screen
'till next time
Yours in Stitches, Joy


Joy Morgan said...

Looks like my computer has decided to make me a no reply blogger AGAIN - If you can hear a funny noise it's me screaming and banging my head against a wall. This is SO anoying. I know lots of you have given up trying to comment and it's such a shame. Believe me I've tried everything I can find on line to fix this. End of now to try and fix it again again.....

Joy said...

OK, I've re-set my blogger profile again. It seems google plus is the culprit.
Hopefully you can now all make comments.
It's funny isn't it how even when none of you could make comments it let me comment.

Jean said...

I want to do a strippy quilt with my scraps of Liberty. I will now send this comment into space!

Ros said...

I've just bought more Liberty squares on e bay to add to my growing collection, and I know where there's a whole bundle of Liberty that Gwladys bought when we went on the V&A trip..... dare I ask for it...????

Joy Morgan said...

Jean so pleased to see your comment arriving from space. We'll look at starting some strippers on Monday.
And Ros you know if you ask about the liberty a new quilt will start. But that's not a bad thing is it?

Peggy said...

Trying to send a comment again. Maybe not me as I thought!! I would love to make a strippy one too. Have some Liberty to make a small one .

Joy Morgan said...

Ros and Jean are looking at making a Liberty strippy as well. I'm just cutting out my strips - with Daisy's help - so it's a slow process!

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