Friday, 16 August 2013

My little 'Wedding handbag' & Alphabet Jungle

Well, I've finally put away all my goodies from The Festival of Quilts last weekend. AND made a start on my next project.

It's a baby quilt for my third grandchild - due early January next year.

Congratulations to Craig and Hayley.

The pattern is called Alphabet Jungle by Kids Quilts who come all the way from New Zealand to trade at the Festival of Quilts. - I wonder if they have family in the U.K. they visit at the same time.
Anyway, I bought last weekend at the Festival.

All the fabrics were bought from a very helpful lady on the Doughty's fabric stand. 

So far I've ironed on most of the jungle animals.
Still got the garaffe to do.
Next comes the stitching. I'll be machine appliqueing these little beauties.

My favorite is ze monkey. He looks such a cheeky little monkey even without his features.
You'll be pleased to know they are all happy little jungle friends who will eventually have smiles to match.

Then yesterday I realised I didn't have a bag to match my outfit for a wedding I'm going to.
Sew I quickly made up this little darling.
 And here it is with my outfit.
It was a small piece of silk (10" square) I had in my stash. I used every inch of it. And edged it with a cream shot linen edging and 'clasp'.  I used Empress Mills 'superlining' on the inside which is a combined lining and wadding. It's the first time I've used it and it was brilliant, I was very impressed with it.
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OK todays song,
Well, I've been reading a few blogs about the Festival of Quilts last weekend.
And one thing that stood out to me was how many of us Quilters got ourselves confused
finding our way around the show - with quite a few people saying they kept walking around in Circles.
I know me and my friends also felt we were going around in Circles at the show.
Today I give you
You've got me running round in
This is one of their own songs, 
this is the band by son Craig is in.
OK the sound isn't brilliant - it was taken live at Oakwood Park last Saturday.
I can confirm that they are full sized people (Kriss, Luke and Craig)
they just look like lego men in this video;)  
and have a great weekend.
Yours in stitches, Joy


Gaynor said...

Love your bag. Who's a clever girl!! Animals are fab too!

Ros said...

Super bag and the dress looks lovely, gorgeous colour. Video will ahve to wait till later, of to Cliffords with my Brnina for a service. I've had it for 4+1/2 yrs so it needs some looking after, especially the amount I use it now!

Ros said...

Now where did the word Bernina come from? I've got a Janome... Senior moment or what!
Baby quilt is looking good.

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