Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Festival of Quilts N.E.C. - Spotlight Wednesday

Hello there my Quilty Friends, I'm back from my break at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, UK.

And I thought today I'd share with you some of the quilts on display that took my fancy...

These three pictures were all the same quilt.
Unfortunately, I didn't think to jot down the names of the quilts or the makers - note to self for next year - take a pic of the quilt details.

These three were of one quilt - I thought as we have been  making log cabin quilts you might like this veriation on the theme, with pieced blocks at the centre of each log cabin.
A close up of a Spools Quilt which is on my 'to do' list. I even started saving scraps for it somewhere in amongst my fabric stash.

  I loved these hexegons with applique.
More hexegons - I think there is a theme going on here.
But I do remember that this quilt was in the European section - just don't recall which European country it represented. Jean, help on this one please.

Now I do know this one it was part of the Kaffe Fassett exhibition called I think Spots and Stripes.
Please correct me if I'm wrong. Karen you'll know this.

And this rather dashing quilt is David Tennant (Dr. Who)

And yet another hexegon quilt. This one won the contemporary section I think.
I saw it just as I was leaving the show. I was running late but felt I had to stop and take a quick pic.

If any of you know any names of these quilts or their makers - please let me know as I'd like to credit their work.

Oh, and there is one more I wanted to show you -
And I have the details of this quilt - it's on the picture I took.
It was a miniature called Narracott Snow by Penny Armitage.
Hope you enjoyed a taste of my choice at The Festival of Quilts
The N.E.C. Birmingham, UK

Speak to you all again on Friday,
Yours in Stitches, Joy


Ros said...

Hi Joy,
I loved that mini quilt too, but I'm still not "in " to this miniature thing, Loved your choice of pics and all those hexagons, I'm collecting the papers, but the project list is getting so long that the hexagon project is a long way off.

Joy Morgan said...

Well Ros, I've come to the conclusion that although I like to make small quilts sometimes. I don't feel the need to follow miniture rules. (By that I mean I'm not making a scaled down version of a full sized quilt)
So I now just think of my little ones as small quilts.

And my hexagons are in a small travel tin all ready to stitch at a moments notice - but there haven't been many 'moments' yet!

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